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Your Guide To Staying Healthy at URI

July 31, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Health

URI Mackal Field House Indoor Track

URI Mackal Field House Indoor Track

We all know how difficult it can be to remain healthy and fit while away at school and students at the University of Rhode Island are no exception to that. Dining halls, late night munchies, and fast food spots surrounding us wherever we go. Although eating has a tremendous impact on how healthy you are, staying active is just as important. Here are some tips on how to avoid the freshmen fifteen, lose the sophomore sixteen, dodge the junior jillion, and shave off the senior seventeen. 

I can’t tell you how many people I know that have used the excuse, “I don’t have the time!” Truth is, we’re all students with social lives and with grades to keep up; none of us have the spare time either. You have to make the time to work out in order to be a healthier you. Even if that means setting your alarm clock an hour early before class or saying no to happy-hour once a week!

Avoid the late night munchies

Avoid the late night munchies

I know we all enjoy eating a Chicken Parmesan calzone at 3AM from I-Zone, but it’s not doing you any good. Those extra calories are proving to be deadly and will help you gain weight immediately. Instead of ordering food, maybe set a side a snack for when you get home. Believe it or not, a peanut butter and banana sandwich tastes great after a long night out down-the-line.

It’s never easy getting yourself to the gym, but when you have another person depending on you, things change. Having a workout buddy can mean the difference between getting a work out in or taking a nap. It’s important to surround yourself with people who have similar goals as you because believe it or not you’ll end up inspiring each other and now you won’t have an excuse because URI has a brand new state of the art fitness center right across from Hope Dining Hall. 

Remain active

Remain active

Switching up your routine is key in order to see results, but also to keep you interested in your workout. Try out new workout regimes to spice up your daily routines. If you’re not much of a runner, pick a beautiful day (Rhode Island has plenty to choose from) and around alongside the seawall or even through campus. If your a cardio fanatic, get yourself into a weight training class and learn about proper form and technique. The new Anna Fascitelli Fitness studio has a wide range of classes from dance to weight training and even kickboxing. This could really do your body some justice!

Believe me, I know it’s difficult to get those 7-8 hours of sleep each night. If you’re not up studying for an exam then you’re probably out and about in Narragansett or maybe your a Netflix series binge watcher. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to sleep when you have the time to because this will help you regain your energy to work out better, focus on your classes, and be an overall happier individual.

Truth is, as college students we are all growing physically and mentally. In order for that growth to peek we must fuel our bodies to the best of our abilities. Yes, I encourage you to eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, but I also encourage you to consume protein and fats regularly. I don’t mean a large fries from Burger King when I say fat, but instead try some almonds, peanuts, or avocados. These are all great sources of good fat and are tasty, too. Mix things up and enjoy your fast metabolism while you still got it!

So often college students get caught up in the pressures of school, society, and family. It’s okay to admit that you’re stressed out and to cut back on some of  the responsibilities on your plate. Being kind to yourself also means being honest with how you feel physically and mentally. Take a break once and a while…you deserve it! While you’re at it, don’t forget to be kind to those around you. This will make you happier and more at peace with yourself. Mental health is just as important as physical health, which is why it must be practiced regularly.

Consider these tips when trying to remain healthy and fit at any college or university. Luckily for the students at the University of Rhode Island being active outdoors comes easy because of the cool ocean breeze and wide open space in and around campus. Whatever town or city you are from, these tips can help you become more physically, emotionally, and even sexually healthier. 

Free Time: What’s that?

September 25, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

Free time?

Free time?

Going to a military school has its down falls and unfortunately one of those is the lack of free time that we have. Every minute of every day is filled up. Everyone is constantly on the go and it is even said that the days are long and the weeks are short, which couldn’t be truer. The days seem like they go on forever but the weeks fly by. However, whenever cadets do get some free time, these are the things you can find them doing.

  1. Working Out

I know a lot of guys who like to go lift, play some basketball, or go for a run when they find the time. Plus they are killing two birds with one stone because they are getting some good P.T. (physical training).

2. Taking a nap

I would say this one is the most popular one to do during free time. I know it is for me. I love to take a nap if I ever get the chance. With such a busy schedule and the sleep deprivation we go through on a regular basis, it is no surprise that cadets like to catch a few zzzzs during their free time.

3. Watching Netflix

Even though it seems like we live in prison and don’t have much contact with the outside world, cadets still love to binge watch shows or catch up on the latest episode of their favorite show. They sometimes might even be doing this when they don’t have free time.

4. Playing video games

I know a ton of cadets who are constantly playing video games when they have a ton of homework to do. You cannot keep them from their precious video games. So I know if they are messing around with them when they don’t have free time, they are probably playing them when they do get free time, but they probably don’t even know the difference.

5. Going on Pinterest

This one I am guilty of doing even when I should probably be doing my homework. I just love to browse pinterest and look at all the cool things to make and buy. It’s a good relaxer and always puts a smile on my face.

6. Going to the bars in town

Whenever cadets get the chance they love to go get a drink. Hitting the local bars in town (there are only around three) is a popular activity to do when there is free time, especially Friday and Saturday nights. And let’s just say you need a drink after a week of being at this prison.

7. Leaving VMI (Virginia Military Institute)

Whenever cadets get enough free time in order to leave, they take it and run. The possibilities are endless of what to do with our free time once we leave this place!

Overall, we aren’t that much different from college students at civilian colleges with what we like to do during our free time. The only difference may be is that we value our free time more because it is so rare.


No Excuses: Staying Fit in College

August 6, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Health

Have you ever found yourself wading through deep waters, where hot mist rises to your nose and eyes, having no idea what lies beneath the surface? You are unfamiliar with this jungle terrain, but press forward in an act of courage and desire to explore this land. You clear the waist-deep waters only to lay eyes on the largest elephant you could have ever encountered. Then, your illusion of grandeur falls away from you and you realize you are staring into a mirror, only to have your body stare back at you. “Can pizza and beer really turn me into a huge jungle mammal,” you ask yourself. Yes. Yes it can. Luckily for you, staying in shape at school is incredibly easy, even if you refuse to pay for a gym membership.

First thing is first. There are no excuses for not exercising. A normal class schedule for the typical undergraduate is about 15 hours per week. Compare that with the typical 40 per week you had in high school. Yes, some students get jobs to help pay tuition, rent, gas, etc. Let’s pretend that on top of your class schedule, you work 30 hours per week (that’s high-balling it). That means that for 7 hours out of each day of the week, you have a commitment. That is a nice, full schedule, but still there is a lot of free time to be accounted for in there. Even giving one hour per day of moderate (or more vigorous) exercise will keep that belly in check, and have you feeling healthy, and looking good.

Secondly, a lot of schools have free memberships for students. For those of you lucky enough to reap the benefits of this do so. You don’t have to be an athlete or a stereotypical Donkey Kong meathead to go to the gym. If you don’t feel comfortable in the gym, there are several other ways to stay in shape.

Never underestimate the power of a run. Running is a great workout for your legs and a pretty good method for negating the calories you will most likely be consuming while on campus. When running, you can clear your mind of stress from school, family, or with friends by getting lost in the songs blaring from your ear buds, while sweating out those gold fever wings you housed for dinner the night before. Running, much like weight lifting, is good for setting personal goals; when you start running, you may only be able to complete a 2 or 3 mile run, but after months of training, you can feel proud of the progress you have made by making it all the way to a 6 or 7 mile run.

Another great workout that keeps you away from the gym is the “Insanity” or “P90-X” workouts. You don’t need a gym membership to participate, and do not even need to leave your dorm room or apartment to trim fat and get into shape. These workouts focus on bodyweight exercises that individually are not difficult, but when done in succession at the correct speed, provide an “insane” workout from the comfort of your home.

In reality, college is a time of finding out who you are, while getting an education, and trying to have fun somewhere between all that. Though fitness for most people is not “fun,” it is something that people should take seriously. No one wants to look into the mirror and be disappointed in what they see. Elephant or lion, we all just want to get drunk and find someone to mate with, am I right? Your options may be broader if you take these easy steps to keep yourself healthy and feeling fit.

Don’t hibernate as a UMaine Black Bear, get out and workout!

July 10, 2014 in Campus Life, Health

College is a stressful time for many incoming students and older students. You’re living away from home, a lot of different food to eat, going out and drinking. Meanwhile your waistline is expanding at such a rapid rate you’ve already hit the freshmen 15 by the third week of school!

Bananas working out

Bananas working out

I was able to stay clear of the dreaded freshmen 15 at the University of Maine, doing well in my classes and staying on a regular schedule. Here are some tips to keep away those pounds.

1)      Go to the gym! – You may not know but a portion of your tuition is a gym membership. Why waste your money and let your gym membership go to waste? Go to the gym on a regular basis at least three times a week and you’ll find yourself getting into a routine. If you don’t feel comfortable using the equipment or just have no idea what to do, there are many trainers at UMaine that will develop a personal training program to fulfill your needs. You can also attend fitness classes like: kickboxing, yoga and spinning. Develop a schedule and follow it, you will find that you will be more alert and be in a better mood by exercising. So get out and work out!

2)      Make healthy choices – It is very tempting when you have an all you can eat dining plan to gobble all of the deserts but…it will show by the time you see Mom and Dad again. UMaine offers healthy fruit and salad bars at every dining hall so there is no reason to pass them up. Remember what your parents said, “don’t forget your fruits and veggies.” You can’t forget them to stay in shape.

3)      Find an activity – Many college students played high school sports and the transition to college is tough because there is just a lot of hanging around. Find something to do in your spare time instead of chomping on snacks or guzzling beer. There are plenty of intramurals at UMaine, you would be surprised at some of the available options: Broomball, Ironperson and table tennis. If you find an intramural sport that you like you will have weekly games and will definitely fulfill that empty void of competition.

4)      Limit your drinking – It’s almost impossible to tell a college student to limit their drinking by try to. All of those carbs from beer and other food while you drink is something your body isn’t used to and the weight will begin to pile up. If you do go out and drink a few too many, make sure you work out either the next day or the day after to work off those extra calories and carbs.

UMaine is tough for some because they don’t want to go outside into the cold. It is a rough winter but there shouldn’t be any excuses. A healthy body will do wonders for your academics and put you in a better mindset. Treat your body well during your college years and it will benefit you in the long run.

Tips For Staying Fit At BU

September 6, 2013 in Campus Life, Colleges, Health

Running alongside the Charles River

Running alongside the Charles River

Staying fit in college can be one difficult task. It’s easy to forget to go to the gym or remember to ease up on the junk food when you’re a busy college student focusing on school and work. My best advice – it may be easy to skip out on a workout or eat that late night pizza every night, but don’t.

With that being said, I’m not one for going to the gym. Usually my roommates and friends have to drag me to the Fitness and Recreation Center (FitRec), or else I will never go. However, there are many fun alternatives to staying fit at Boston University. My favorite way to stay fit at school is attending fitness classes. BU offers a wide range of credit and noncredit classes through the FitRec. Classes range from all types of fitness, dance, aquatics, team sports, rock climbing, and more. Taking a credit course is a great way to stay in shape, and you receive one-two credits for each class! My freshman year I took two dance classes – Cardio Jazz Funk and Hip Hop. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and unable to stay in shape freshman year (hence, the freshman 15), but BU’s FitRec classes were a great way to stay in shape, and have some fun! I’ve also taken a few fitness classes – Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, and 6-Pack Abs.

BU's Fitness and Recreation Center

BU’s Fitness and Recreation Center

I personally don’t like to just go to the gym to run on the treadmill and lift weights – but if you do, the FitRec is equipped with two levels of workout machines and weights, an indoor track, an aquatics center, basketball/volleyball courts, dance rooms, and more. Running outside is also a popular workout activity among students. The Esplanade running path right beside the Charles River is a well-liked route by students, and it affords for some great views of the city!

Walking to class is also a great, and easy, way to stay fit. Most of BU’s academic buildings are in East Campus, while many of BU’s residence halls are in West Campus. Walking from your dorm/apartment in West Campus to class on average takes about 20 minutes, since the campus stretches for almost two miles down Commonwealth Avenue. Grabbing a friend or a roommate and walking to class every day, instead of taking the BU bus or public transportation, is an effortless way to stay fit and healthy.

Loose Leafs Salads at the GSU

Loose Leafs Salads at the GSU

Eating healthy at BU is also relatively easy to do. BU has many healthy dining options both on and off campus – like a salad station in the George Sherman Student Union (GSU) and healthy meal nights in the dining halls. However, it is also easy to be tempted by the not so healthy food options, like the pizza bar and burger stations in the dining halls and the grilled cheese station in the GSU. Honestly, I’m not saying that students shouldn’t eat at the pizza bar or grilled cheese station, because let’s be honest, it’s pretty delicious. I’m suggesting that students eat at them in moderation. For example, get a salad and bottled water for lunch one day instead of a sandwich and a fountain soda.

All in all, staying fit and healthy at BU can be simple if you follow these tips – try a PE class or noncredit class at the Fitness and Recreation Center, go for a run on the Esplanade (pretty views!), walk to class, eat junk food in moderation, and try healthier food options when possible.