Top Websites for College Students

July 24, 2015 in Alive Campus, Tech

College students will always find ways to avoid studying for as long as possible and find others way to entertain themselves. With laptops and tablets becoming the dominant ways of taking notes, it’s impossible to not want to browse the Web during class or simply when you’re bored. There are certain websites that most college students have visited for entertainment or information at some point. Here are just a few that I think all college students should know about:

Reddit: This informational and entertaining website if perfect for those who enjoy keeping up to date on the latest news or interesting stories. There are always some exciting pieces of entertainment to click on, whether that’s someone taking a cool photo or simply an interesting story about their cat. Whatever it is, Reddit can certainly become addicting!

Buzzfeed: I personally enjoy taking the Buzzfeed quizzes because they’re scarily accurate sometimes! It’s a great source of entertainment to pass time late at night when you can’t fall asleep, or during class when your professor can’t stop talking about Shakespeare.

YouTube: It’s basically become the biggest site for college students to learn life skills. If you have no idea how to do laundry your first year of college, or if you simply do not know how to fry an egg, that’s what YouTube is for. If you ask almost anyone how he or she learned to do something on his or her own, at least 50 percent of the time, the answer is YouTube.

StudyBlue: This is an efficient and portable way to take notes and eventually use them down the road, either for a big midterm or final. With so many students utilizing computers and tablets during class, it’s probably the better option as opposed to keeping all notes on paper, which is also easy to lose sometimes.

Quizlet: I have used Quizlet multiple times, especially for online classes when the questions on the test were very specific to certain key terms. This site can be a lifesaver if you need to study last minute and have no time to make yourself a study guide. The best part? It’s free!

RateMyProfesor: It’s becoming more common for students to check in on the rating of their professors before signing up for a class. We’ve all experienced that one class where the professor simply did not want to assist the students in earning high grades. Checking in on RateMyProfessor is a great way to read firsthand reviews on the class as a whole and if the professor will be of your liking. Remember that just the instructor of the class can make or break your grade.

Alive Campus: This site is perfect for students who want to receive firsthand advice about college. It basically provides personal perspectives and real information about specific colleges, as well as college in general. The best part is that all of the articles all written by students who are currently in college, so all of the information provide is accurate to firsthand experiences as opposed to just a general outlook.

With all of these sites to keep in mind, it’s time to open up the tablet and start browsing once again.

Rate My Professor is ideal for students who want prior knowledge of their professors.

Rate My Professor is ideal for students who want prior knowledge of their professors.

YouTube Videos for College Students

June 13, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life



Several of us have no problem watching YouTube videos for hours on end rather than doing the 8-page paper our teacher assigned us weeks ago. In the growing world of technology, we can easily turn to YouTube to learn how to do any task, whether it’s doing laundry, learning how to cook a new dish, or simply just watching a video for humor and entertainment when we’re bored. With multiple links to choose from, it’s almost become addicting and nearly impossible to walk away from the computer after watching “just one” YouTube video. Here are some of the best videos that I feel every college student should watch:

“A Better Kind of Selfie Stick: Friend.” This video is one of my favorites because it uses sarcasm in regards to selfie sticks, which are becoming extremely popular for the college population. It’s hilarious and effectively highlights just how narcissist selfie sticks are making college students on their campuses.

“Funniest College Lecture Stereotypes” is completely accurate in defining the typical student stereotypes you are bound to come across at some point throughout your college career. If you thought these types of people only existed at your school, thvideo will make you think twice. They’re everywhere.

“10 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know.” This video is extremely useful for those who are interested in utilizing some quick life hacks while away at school, which is definitely something we can all use when living on our own for the first time. Every lit bit of advice can go a long way in college.

“Exam Tips: How to Study for Finals.” College Info Geek provides some great tips on how to effectively study for finals without loads of stress. In just 6 minutes, you will be sure to gain motivation to study and pass your extremely difficult finals without any hesitation.

“25 Things I Wish I knew Before Freshman Year of College.” This video makes accurate points on what several college students will eventually experience throughout their first year.

“Loud Eating in the Library” will be sure to give you a good laugh. We all know of that one person who can’t stop munching on something in the library since most of us have had an unforgettable experience with it at some point.

“How to do your Laundry in College” provides the perfect example of the typical college student who has never done laundry before moving into the dorm. If this applies to you, watch this video for both humor and tips on how to do laundry while living in a dorm.

“College Freshmen Mistakes” is one of the funniest videos that I feel all new and old freshmen should watch. It’s certainly easy to relate to for almost anyone.

Finally, “Top Apps for Back to School” is super helpful in providing some useful advice on what apps may be helpful throughout the school year.

While these are my personal preferences for both college entertainment and advice, there are so many videos streaming across YouTube that can leave you distracted for long periods of time. Don’t know how to do laundry? YouTube certainly has you covered. With a variety of videos to choose from, help to make it through your college years is just a click away!

Video Analyses: Being Queer in College

February 7, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Love

“This is by no means an all-inclusive list of advice. [Also] I’m working with the assumption that you’re going to attend a fairly liberal university.”

“This is by no means an all-inclusive list of advice. [Also] I’m working with the assumption that you’re going to attend a fairly liberal university.”

David Levitz’s Being Gay in College is a concise presentation of suggestions for a gay college student. As he states in his disclaimer, “This is by no means an all-inclusive list of advice. [Also] I’m working with the assumption that you’re going to attend a fairly liberal university.” I want to extend that disclaimer by making it clear that his advice pertains only to the G acronym in LGBTQ+. In this video, David discusses the notion that liberal colleges are, in relation to high schools, wonderful environments in which to come out and perform your gender or sexuality in whatever form you desire. He continues by discussing the necessity to take LGBT courses (As a gender studies major, I absolutely concur), join queer on- and off-campus organizations, attend queer events/parties, and—most importantly—to find a “gay mentor.” As someone who’s watched his fair share of queer advice videos, I haven’t seen many others make that last point—I can’t stress enough just how important it is to find someone in whom you can confide and from whom you can learn.

"While I understand that the video was a homemade, do-it-for-fun video made by two friends, I found the advice a tad-bit over simplistic and, quite frankly, a tad bit problematic."

“While I understand that the video was a homemade, do-it-for-fun video made by two friends, I found the advice a tad-bit over simplistic and, quite frankly, a tad bit problematic.”

TheButchandtheBear’s How to be Gay in College provides a brief—and problematic—synopsis of how one should perform their gender or sexual identity while in college. Essentially, the video is literally telling you how to be a gay person—“Be yourself, dress to impress, show a little pride, and surround yourself with other gays.” While I understand that the video is a homemade, do-it-for-fun video uploaded by two friends, I find the advice a tad-bit over simplistic and, quite frankly, a tad bit problematic. Firstly, there is no disclaimer about the limitations created by one’s sexual or gender identity (the tips only work for gay men) or one’s location (spatial recognition is incredibly important when thinking about the social-acceptance of an individual’s identities). Secondly, the tip about dressing to impress stereotypes gay men as always-fashionable and incredibly vain. Thirdly, surrounding oneself with other gays is actually a terrible idea, in my opinion! It’s great to have many queer friends and to participate in social and political organizations related to queer culture, but to only surround yourself with queer friends is a form of segregation—you are telling the world that you don’t want to befriend hetero-people nor do you want the hetero-community to get to know you. I understand the well-intentioned message behind the video, but gay advice videos are viewed by people in increasingly vulnerable positions and conditions, and to make light hearted satire of these vulnerabilities is plainly wrong.

"Why is there a difference between gay best friend and best friend? Can’t I just be your best friend that happens to be gay? Why mention my sexuality at all when you call me your best friend?"

“Why is there a difference between gay best friend and best friend? Can’t I just be your best friend that happens to be gay? Why mention my sexuality at all when you call me your best friend?”

Kingsley’s I Am Not Your Gay Best Friend is a sassy video that I snapped to during its entire run. As someone who performs his sexuality in a very flamboyant manner, I am oftentimes called “the gay best friend.” This phrase makes my blood boil as it does two things: A) Perpetuates the trope of the fashionable and sensitive gay bestie, and B) Puts my sexual identity at the front and center of my holistic identity (Why is there a difference between gay best friend and best friend? Can’t I just be your best friend that happens to be gay? Why mention my sexuality at all when you call me your best friend?) Kingsley hits these two points home when he deconstructs the stereotype of fashionable queer men: “I don’t give a fuck about your clothes…I don’t know anything about the seasons…if you ask me about the season, I’ll say ‘bitch, it’s spring.’” For anyone that’s ever faced this issue (looking at all of you gay men with those annoying sorority besties who think their “gay best friend” is the human-equivalent of a purse or a necklace), this video is top-notch.

Websites for the College Student

December 26, 2014 in Alive Campus, Reviews

Websites for college students

Websites for college students

Now I’m not much of a technology wiz nor do I like being on the computer all that much. However, when I am on the computer these are the websites I like to visit on a daily basis.

My school e-mail: This is probably the website I am on the most. At my school it is a requirement to check your e-mail AT LEAST twice a day. Our e-mail is vital because we get important information in e-mails with regards to things going on at school. Also, e-mail is the way we communicate with our professors as well. This is the top website I visit because it is so important.

Facebook: This is probably the website I visit the most besides my e-mail. I check Facebook probably ten times a day or more. I like to see what my friends are up to and look at pictures. I also use Facebook messenger to talk to people a lot also. Facebook is a must for any college student because you can keep up with your friends and share anything you want with them.

Google: I absolutely love Google. I use Google all the time if ever I can’t think of something that I’m trying to remember. Google is a great resource for any college student because it allows you to have access to information with the simple press of a button. Use it wisely.

YouTube: Every college student loves YouTube. It’s the website we go to to waste time and watch cat videos and anything else funny. I use YouTube mostly to watch music videos because I’m not so much a fan of the cat videos. But YouTube is a great website for any college student to waste time on.

Pinterest: Pinterest is probably my YouTube, because I think I am on it more than I am on YouTube. This is also another website for college students to waste their time on (I know I have) but also find some really cool DIY projects. I love browsing this website and reading the quotes and looking at the pictures. You never know what you might find.

AliveCampus: And most importantly, AliveCampus. This website is a great place for information about college from college students around the U.S. It is chalked full of advice and stories from students who are actually experiencing it right now. I know I have read some great stories and had interesting conversations on the forum page as well. You never know what you might learn or if help someone.

Overall, these are the websites that I visit the most and even though there are not a lot, they are probably the most popular ones that college students use, and people in general for that matter. But despite the fact that I might not be up on pop culture like other students and have a long list of websites that I visit, nor spend a lot of time on the computer either, I know that these websites are great resources for college students and are all worth a visit (which I’m sure every college student already has).

College Life: YouTube Style

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Every college student likes to waste time they don’t have and watch YouTube videos. We all like to put off that homework or studying we need to do and play around on the computer to see the next cat video or BuzzFeed story. We’ve all been there. But which YouTube videos are really worth your time? Here are a few that are worth a few minutes of your time and might actually describe your life.

1. If College Freshman Were Honest on Move-In Day

This video is a must see after your freshman year, maybe even before but it might worry the incoming freshman. This video is funny and somewhat realistic in my opinion because most people would never like to admit that they would like to say these things in real life but of course they don’t. It is a one minute video of college freshman saying what they would really like to say about their roommates, classes, getting girls, and other random college drama. Definitely worth a minute of your time, especially after your freshman year.

2. College Life: Expectations VS Reality

This video is fairly realistic. It shows a skit of your expectation of the action and then does a skit for the reality of what college students actually do. It starts off with your basic everyday routine like getting up in the morning, going to bed, dressing for class, studying with friends, and the typical “gettin’ a girl.” It then randomly goes to talking about butts. I really did not understand why they needed to put that in the video. Additionally, they put a random college moment in the video, which I thought was unnecessary because the video was about expectations versus reality. Overall, I still think it is humorous and worth a few minutes of your time.

3. College: Freshman Year Vs. Senior Year

This is another funny video that is worth a minute of your time. And I literally mean a minute because that is how long it is. This video sums up the basic events like dating, before class, diet, Friday night, bars, and then perspective. Being a senior myself, I understand exactly where they are coming from with every single one. Your perspective changes from when you were a freshman to when you become a senior. However, the last one on the perspective of college is a bit debatable, but I will let you decide.

4. The Six Girls You Will Date in College

This one is very entertaining. Since I am not a guy I cannot vouch on if it is realistic or not but I feel like maybe one or two of them might be. However, this is worth a watch, especially for guys. It is just like what the title says it is and it goes through the six girls you will date in college and from what I have heard from guys at my school I feel like they are somewhat accurate. The best part about it is in the end the guy still doesn’t have a girl even after he graduated college.