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June 5, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Tech

With digital devices becoming progressively popular in our generation, it’s simply impossible to not keep up to date on the latest gadgets that are especially significant in the college tech world. Technology in itself has certainly become the dominant means through which we perform every little task, whether that’s recording notes in class as the professor speaks or sending out emails on the go with a few simple clicks of a button. Here are just a few things that I feel every college student should have in their possession. Sometimes, the extra money is worth spending, and luckily, students oftentimes receive discounts on certain devices.

Laptop: This is probably most the popular device for taking quick notes, doing research, keeping up to date on assignments, etc. Most students have Macbooks since they are generally lighter than PCs to carry back and forth from class. My recommendation is the Macbook Air for both the price and weight. It’s much lighter than the Pro, which is a huge plus when commuting to class.

Ipad/ Tablet: These are always good for carrying to class since they’re compact and can perform generally everything the same as a laptop. Open up a PDF on the tablet to follow along to notes in class and you’re good to go. Another beneficial item to have is the portable keyboard that enables you to quickly type up notes while in class.

Dr. Dre Beats: A solid pair of headphones is always a useful item to have, whether it’s for working out at the gym or drowning out your loud roommate while trying to do homework.

Portable Phone Charger: We tend to feel lost when we don’t have access to our phones. A student’s smartphone is undoubtedly their best friend for various reasons. So, naturally, owning a charger that’s easily accessible and small enough to carry around is a plus for those who simply need their phones every step they take. And let’s face it, that’s most of us.

GoPro: These are becoming extremely popular for taking high-quality pictures and videos, especially when traveling. If you’re good at photography, then this is a great investment, especially if you plan to study abroad at some point throughout your college career.

Microsoft Surface Pro: This is a popular device that has recently been a hit for college students. It essentially serves as a replacement for bringing a laptop to class. Like the tablet, it can perform everything that a laptop can but without the extra weight. It also has a keyboard which is useful for note-taking and following along in class.

Home Speakers: Every college student appreciates a good pair of home speakers to either blast music while working out or having a house party.

Selfie Stick: Who would have thought that a selfie stick would make its way onto this list? I have already seen multiple students using these around campus to make sure their selfies are nothing short of perfection before posting to Instagram. It’s obvious that social media has taken over at this point with these popular items.

So, while some of these items may be slightly expensive for the broke college student, they’re certainly worth it with the amount of uses that will come out of them. Try your best to convince your parents that the $1000 Macbook Air will be your key to success in college (as long as you’re not browsing social media all day.) It’s worth a shot.

Technology Takeover

Technology Takeover

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