The Joys of Dorm Life: From Horrors to Hilarity

April 11, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Infographics



Living in a dorm can be stressful, cramped, messy, and even a little bit insane. However, while I’m sure we can all come up with some doozie horror stories about evil roommates, incestuous floor romances gone wrong, and super creepy RA’s, everybody’s got at least a few seriously good ones as well.

A few of my favorite dorm stories are the ones that include my freshman year floor (Boland 3) and the amazing group of floor mates I was lucky enough to get stuck with. While we all got along really well normally, we did have a tendency to play some pretty nasty tricks on each other. In fact, we often played them on one particularly susceptible friend of ours, who I’ll rename Jon for the purposes of this article. Jon is a sweet, lovable oaf and we could never resist playing a prank or two on him.

Once, some floor mates decided it would be a good idea to take advantage of a day that Jon was going to be away for several hours. We collected several rolls of plastic wrap and then, with the help of some dedicated individuals. we saran wrapped his entire room. And we were very thorough. We wrapped every individual item, including wrapping his mattress before remaking it and wrapping up the whole thing.

Another favorite was when we gathered a few more rolls, duct tape this time, and decided to be a little more creative. Instead of going after his things, we went right after him. While he was sleeping off a potent hangover, we completely duct taped his doorway. When he finally woke up and opened the door, he walked directly into a very solid, very sticky wall of duct tape. Writing these down makes them sound a little cruel, but I swear it was all in good fun and he knew it as well.

My freshman year, we had another very interesting dorm incident. On the seventh floor of the very building I lived in, we had a very unexpected guest. Unbeknownst to anyone, there was a guy living in an empty dorm room who did not go to school at SU. Apparently, he had been jumping from room to room, crashing on different couches for several weeks until he found an empty room and decided to make it his own. Honestly, I’m not sure about all of the logistics. How he was getting in and out of the building with no ID or how no one questioned the fact that he was living on couches, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe he was local and was living with people he already knew or snagged a lost SU ID or maybe he was just a really good liar. Not good enough to get by without getting caught. When people finally figured it out, it was quite a scandal. Syracuse Police and SU Public Safety were called, and despite the RA’s attempts at crowd control, nothing could have stopped the flow of insane rumors flying around that dorm.

Oh the joys of dorm life! So much potential for fun and so much more for disaster.

dorm cooking

dorm cooking

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