Top Websites for College Students

March 13, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Colleges, Reviews

Lets face it; us college kids spend A LOT of time on the Internet. Whether it be Googling like crazy when it comes to homework or binge watching Netflix, we’re probably using it at least a couple hours per day. Here are the tops sites I visit on a daily basis just to give you a rough idea of what websites are most popular for college students:

1. Buzzfeed: We all know that Buzzfeed is definitely NOT a reliable or trustworthy place to get our news, but it has this charm about it that keeps us coming back for more. There is content ranging from real news story articles to the “28 Ways Your Life Has Failed You.” I think the main draw to this website is the relaxed nature of it and range and relate-ability of the articles. Where else are you going to find spot on articles about “the top 10 things you’ll miss about your college roommates” that you can post on your friends walls while wiping your watering eyes? I also think that the specific articles you can find on this site make it personal and funny. For example, you know I’m going to post the article, “16 Struggles all people with big hair know to be true” on my friends Facebook wall who happens to have crazy, wonderfully curly locks. If you’re bored surfing the web, Buzzfeed most definitely has an article that you will read and relate to instantly.



2. Netflix: “All Hail the Holy Grail!” Wait – but seriously, Netflix is HUGE for college students and if you don’t have your own account that you pay for every month you most likely have someone’s account information so that you can mooch off of them and get your binge watching in from time to time. Netflix has a huge selection of movies and TV shows that are perfect for when you just want to lounge around and relax. They’ve also come up with their own TV shows that have been really popular such as “Orange is the New Black.” It’s only $7.99 per month, and I think it’s totally worth it if you’re an avid movie/TV watcher. Streaming is always pretty fast and you don’t have to deal with viruses from other sites that claim you can watch for “free”.

3. Google: For me personally, Google is the number one search engine that I live by. As a writer, I am constantly looking up words to understand their exact meaning so that I am using them properly. I think that this is probably the most visited website/search engine for college students today, and for most people it is actually saved as their homepage. If Google didn’t exist college kids would have a very hard time getting through the day!

4. Social Media Sites: If you’re behind someone in class and they have their laptop out, their most likely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social network sites. This is the main means of communication for our generation, so it’s no surprise that we are typically always on these networks. People get their news, talk with friends, and check out their favorite topics/interests on these sites.

Social Media

Social Media

5. This is more for seniors, but in my experience has been a really great website for job searching and even internship searching. If you’re a student in college and you’re seriously trying to search for a job or an internship, I would highly suggest making an account on the website and plugging in what you’re searching for. You can even upload your resume which makes applying easier, and you can save jobs that you’re interested in to a certain section so that you will remember to apply to them in the future.

6. Alive Campus: Alive Campus is the go-to site for college students to get information and insight on college topics today. The great thing about Alive Campus is that REAL students write these articles so you’re getting real advice and real life experiences. The website also has a sidebar of certain topics so that you can search for any articles that you want to see. The topics are always college related and insightful so it’s a great place for students to get information.

If you’re already visiting these sites, good for you! And if you haven’t yet, check them out – they might make your days in college a little bit better!

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