The World Runs on: Technology

January 13, 2015 in Tech

I’m not sure if anyone could survive in college nowadays without some sort of technology, but I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing? I remember my uncle (he has a PhD in History), telling me that when he was in college earning his PhD he had nothing but the library to lean on when it came to research and studying. No computers, no phones, no internet – Nothing. Can you imagine earning a PhD in history with absolutely no technology? Yikes! Well, luckily, it’s 2015 and us college students have plenty of gadgets and technology to get us through to graduation.

Here are some of the most popular tech gadgets for college kids today:

Apple for the win!

Apple for the win!

1. Iphones:Hands down Iphones are superior when it comes to smartphones, and it’s not simply because it’s “Apple”. Iphones combine an icon based platform and an attractive layout and scheme to create an easy to use phone that also looks beautiful. Iphones also have countless apps for anything you might need, as well as attractive cases to accessorize and make them personal. People also have Droid phones but Iphones seem to be more popular with college students.

2. Macs: Another Apple product – Macs are simply the best computers for college students because of their inability to get viruses, their attractive, sleek look, and their speed versus regular PC’s. Although Mac’s are ridiculously more expensive than PC’s such as Dell’s or Toshiba’s, it’s almost worth the price because there is never really an issue with them. Macs are also built for artsy/graphic design students which is appealing to young people in college.



3. Ipads:Yes, most people do have a laptop AND an Ipad believe it or not. Personally, I don’t feel like I need an Ipad because I have a laptop, but they can be nice for watching Netflix in bed or just hanging out and surfing the web. Ipads don’t get hot like laptops and are easy to discreetly use in class for whatever reason.

4. Kindles and Ebooks: These have become very popular because textbooks for classes can be rented or bought on them for MUCH cheaper than the physical book. Personally, I am not a fan of these just because I am an English nerd and love having a physical book to highlight and write in. I also find it very hard to read Ebooks because I have poor vision and find them too dark. These can be great options for students that want to save some money on real textbooks and they can also be great for reading late at night if they have a built in light.

5. Apple TV: Apple TV is pretty cool because you have access to a tons of shows and movies and you can connect your Netflix to it. You could also just connect a cord from your computer to the TV but sometimes they don’t always work and stop in the middle to stream. This is a great gift for a college student because it can be pretty pricy so they probably won’t want to buy it for themselves.

So, where would us college kids be without technology? Probably not very far (I’m kind of kidding)…But anyways, here are the best tech gadgets for college kids today (in my opinion). Any and all of these technologies will probably make your life one million times easier while you’re in college.

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