Top 10 Quick Eats at SU

June 12, 2014 in Top 10 Lists

1. Chipotle is my number one quick place to grab food at Syracuse because, who doesn’t love Chipotle? Have you ever met someone who has stated and meant, “I hate chipotle?” Didn’t think so. Although I am one of those people who could eat Mexican food everyday for a month and still not get tired of rice and beans, I think most agree when I say that Chipotle rocks. Although there is usually a line, the line almost always moves quickly and the service is speedy so whether you want your food on the go, or you’d like to sit and enjoy your meal you know you’ll be getting it quickly. Chipotle is located on Marshall Street so it’s an easy walk from campus.

2. Jimmy Johns, perhaps the fastest sandwich place that I have ever encountered. I’m not a big sandwich person so this isn’t my forte but almost all of my friends absolutely love Jimmy Johns. They describe themselves as having freaky fast delivery—and they don’t lie. Rain, snow, or sunshine they’re zooming around on their bikes or in their cars making sure your sandwich gets to you quick and beautiful. They also are open until 3 am so when you have late night munchies or drunken cravings it’s the perfect snack to order, and its fairly priced.

3. A La Mode is one of my favorite places to grab a sandwich on a weekend morning. The only thing is that you need a car to get there, although its only 5 minutes from campus it would be a pretty long walk. They have delicious salads, breakfast sandwiches, Panini’s, specialty sandwiches, tasty soups, and chili. They will quickly make your sandwich or whatever you chose to order and you can either bring it on the go with you or eat at the café if you chose to stay. My personal favorites are the breakfast sandwiches, the buffalo chicken Panini, and the chicken bacon ranch Panini.

4. Sliders is a burger joint on Marshall Street with delicious hamburgers, Belgian fries, and a grilled cheese that once you taste you can never forget. You can order for delivery, which is usually fairly quick. If you order while in the restaurant the time it takes honestly depends on the amount of people that happen to be there when you are. I highly recommend the Parmesan fries—so delicious. Make sure you also try the special fry sauce. I have no idea what goes into it, but it sure tastes damn good.

5. Varsity has not only Pizza, but also sandwiches, wraps, burgers, wings and much more. Varsity is good food that’s served quick. Since they have such a variety Varsity is a great place to go for lunch or dinner because they usually will have something that you are in the mood for. I also recently found out that they have breakfast sandwiches, which is something that I am definitely going to seek out when I’m back on Syracuse campus after summer break. They have a large amount of seating as well as a large projector to watch sports games, which is always fun with a group of friends.

6. Acropolis Pizza is also on Marshall Street providing a large variety of food other than pizza, despite the name. Although in my opinion Acrop is not as good as Varsity, it is open late night and is always a tempting and delicious snack after a night out at the bars. Who doesn’t love a drunken slice of pizza? During the day the service is quick, but at night with a ton of drunk, hungry college students it can sometimes be awhile before you get your food.

7. Roly Poly is a sandwich shop behind Marshall Street with yummy options for whatever your mood or taste. I’m a big fan of their baked potato soup, always great on a cold winter day. They have delicious options of wraps, salads, and sandwiches of course. Their service is fast and their food is good—what more could you ask for?

8. Pita Pit is a chain on Marshall Street where you can build your own pita with whatever your heart desires. I prefer to keep things simple and light, but you can pile every single vegetable into a pita if that’s what your heart desires. They also have breakfast pitas, meat pitas, and veggie pitas. Their service is crazy quick and you’ll be planning your next trip to Pita Pit in no time.

9. Strong Hearts Café is new to Syracuse. I was abroad fall semester and it replaced on of my favorite restaurants called Syrajuice (rest in peace), so I was a bit skeptical at first. Strong Hearts is a café with 100% vegan food, something I didn’t think I would be into (since I am by no means a vegan). They serve breakfast, as well as delicious salads and sandwiches, but my favorite menu item is their smoothies. I absolutely love a smoothie they make with strawberries, bananas, and peanut butter. I really like Strong Hearts because you know all the food that you are consuming is healthy and comes from a genuine place.

10. Eggers Café is located on Syracuse Campus and cheers to you if you can find it! Eggers is attached to the Maxwell building and both of those buildings confuse me like crazy for some strange reason. I needed to meet someone at this particular café freshman year for a meeting and it took me forever to find I was incredibly embarrassed. The beauty of this café is yes, the food selection but also how hidden it is—it seems not many people know about this spot so its great to enjoy a sandwich and coffee while doing work or reading a book. Don’t expect to be disturbed!


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