TV for College Students?

May 13, 2015 in Alive Campus

TVAs a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute with a hectic schedule, there isn’t much time to watch TV shows. Most cadets really do not have the time to watch the shows they wish they could, or they skip their homework and binge watch their favorite show and watch their GPA suffer because of it. However, on rare occasions when cadets do get free time they have their favorite shows they like to watch on Netflix.

I myself never really watched many TV shows before getting to college. I would much rather watch a movie any day. Additionally, I do not have Netflix and we are not allowed to have TVs in our rooms. Therefore, I do not have access to watch any TV shows. However, the one TV show that I like to watch, So You Think You Can Dance, takes place during the summer so I am usually able to watch it. If you are into contest TV shows and like any type of dancing, then this is the show for you. It is similar to Dancing with the Stars, but the contestants are not celebrities. Contestants compete in all genres of dance in order to be named America’s Favorite Dancer. It’s such a great show, but is not for everyone.

Now for the more up-to-date cadets that are on top of all the hottest TV shows, like my roommates, here are the TV shows you need to be watching according to them.

1. Breaking Bad: This show is about a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and teams up with a student to make meth. Need I explain more?

2. House of Cards: This show is about a congressman who works with his wife to seek revenge on the people who betrayed him. Sounds rather conniving, doesn’t it?

3. American Horror Story: This TV show probably beats them all. This is one of my roommates’ favorite shows. The plot of the show is about a family that moves into a haunted house haunted by demonic creatures. So if you are into scary movies, I would say this is the show for you.

4. The Walking Dead: This show is my other roommates’ favorite show. The general plot is about people trying to survive after a zombie apocalypse. So if you like zombies then this is the show for you.

5. Game of Thrones: This seems to be the show that everyone is talking about. It is a medieval fantasy epic about two powerful families playing a deadly game for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. So if you are into medieval fantasy I would say this is the show for you.

6. Orange is the New Black: This is another show that everyone seems to be talking about. It is about a woman running from her past. She is a powerful businesswoman, but is put behind bars for her association with a drug runner 10 years earlier. She soon makes her way through the corrections system and adjusts to life behind bars making friends with many eccentric and unexpected people.

Overall, these shows seem to be currently on the hot list right now, so if you have the time or are looking for something to watch in your free time you might give these a try.

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