Website Developer (WordPress) Intern Description


Join a young, growing team as a Website Developer who is intimately involved in the day-to-day operation and success of a website focused on the college experience. Please visit Alive Campus and About Us to gain a better understanding of our purpose and mission.


So, what are we offering?

An opportunity to work closely with our founder and our team as we tackle growth initiatives and optimization of the site. This internship will leverage your existing academic knowledge with real-life best practices to execute strategic plans focused on improving quality and usability of the product. The activities within this role will challenge you to get creative. Through this unique internship opportunity you will:

  • Design and develop the website ensuring strong optimization and functionality
  • Work in tangent with the founder for development and testing
  • Assist in architecting and planning of site development
  • Research upcoming technologies and development patterns
  • Create landing pages
  • Learn to be flexible in responding to organizational changes and business priorities

As entrepreneurs, marketers, strategists, and technologists, we strive to progress in everything we do on a daily basis. This translates to better work, happier users, engaged students, etc. We don’t claim to know it all, but what we have is years of experience; and we’ll happily share what we know with you, as you explore and create your own niche at Alive Campus.


Desired Skills & Experience

We want your fresh ideas, and look for individuals who are not afraid to share their most unorthodox thinking with us. We’ll look to have you launch your own projects, and will support campaigns that align with our site’s short and long term goals. Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and XHTML
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Interest in entrepreneurship and opportunities for advancement






How to Apply:

Please fill out the following form:

Website Developer (WordPress) Intern Application