What Happens When You Have Free Time At College?

December 1, 2014 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Events, Reviews, Style

Here at URI, I must say from personal experience, I have a decent amount of free time.  When I’m not in class or in the library wasting my life away in books and papers, I’m out and about, exploring or getting myself into something interesting.

Here are a couple of URI/college student favorite places to go/things to do when we have some free time ….

  1. The malls:  There are two malls located around somewhat close to campus.  The Providence Place Mall is about a 40-minute drive away, and the Warwick mall is about a half hour car ride away.
  2. Newport:  This ocean/nautical town is located about a 20-minute drive from campus.  It is home to great restaurants, a lot of history, and beautiful views for everyone to enjoy.
  3. The beach: about a 10 minute drive from campus is the beach town of Narragansett.  It’s a student favorite because, well, it’s the beach.  There’s ocean views, sand, and the salty air smell that draws people from everywhere in for a relaxing day.
  4. Straying away from URI—when most students have free time, they take a nap.  College kids need naps just as often as toddlers do.  They’re simply how we survive.  So if I ever have a quick free minute, you know you can find me passed out on any surface that resembles a bed.
  5. Staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key in college.  Heading to the gym is a great way to blow off some steam and release some stress.  While it might not be the first place you think to go when you have free time, it is certainly a healthy alternative.
  6. Going out to support your college sports team is also a fun time when you don’t have anything better to do.  Whether its baseball, football, basketball, or something totally out there, going to experience a college sport in person is much different than watching it on TV.
  7. Netflix is the answer to everyone’s prayers.  An online library of endless TV shows and movies certainly can keep anyone entertained for hours without end.  It’s so easy to indulge in a single show and not leave your room for days, especially when you have NOTHING to do.  It’s my personal favorite source of entertainment at all hours of the day.  So, if you plan on starting a new show, clear your schedule for a couple weeks.  You’ll need it.
  8. Reading is one of the most underrated activities of all time.  Especially in college when everyone around you seems so much smarter than you, it can’t hurt to pick up a book or download something entertaining to read on your computer.  It sounds stupid and boring, but indulging in a good read every once in a while when you have some free time isn’t as bad as it sounds.

While college might be a crazy, hectic, weird lifestyle, believe it or not, there is always time to relax.  It’s also important to take some time for yourself and literally do nothing at all.  If you don’t, you’ll probably go crazy.  So, even if you feel like you should constantly be entertained at all times, it’s okay to do nothing.  Even when it feels wrong.

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