Where Do College Students Spend Their Money?

December 18, 2012 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Infographics

This year college students will spend well over $60 billion on everything from school supplies to eating out to daily needs. So where does all that green go?

Roughly $33 billion is spend on back to school supplies. Almost $2 billion of that amount is spent on collegiate branded school supplies like sweaters an hats with logos on them. $3.4 billion is spend on shoes and footwear. Another $3.4 billion is spend on actual school supplies like folders, binders and pens. Dorm room furnishing and furniture for students moving cost more than $5.3 billion. Clothes and accessories account for over $6.6 billion. Lastly, almost $13 billion is spend each year on electronics, computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Another $27 billion is spent on non-essential school items during the school year. Over $4 billion was spend on personal care items like cosmetics and hygiene. $5 billion is spent on clothing and shoes. Another $5.5 billion is spend on alcohol and drinking. Students will spend a total of over $11 billion on snacks and beverages.

$2.4 billion dollars is spend on college student entertainment every year. $326 million on renting DVDs or movies. $341 million on video games and consoles. College students spend $474 million on buying music and related items. $600 million is spend on purchasing on demand movies and shows. Another $658 million is spent on movie tickets by students enrolled in university.

Where Do College Students Spend Their Money?

Where Do College Students Spend Their Money?

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  1. Where are these statistics drawn from?

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