Who Wears What at Assumption

October 20, 2014 in Style



I have to admit, I am no fashionista myself. I actually dread shopping most of the time, and it’s probably due to the fact that I have never had a disposable income. You can usually find me scouring the racks at TJ Max and Marshall’s for cheap steals, but other than that you will only find me in a completely new wardrobe after christmas and my birthday.

Honestly I would have to say that the majority of people at Assumption aren’t crazy about being fashionable, but there are a few exceptions like with anything. You can definitely tell who is who by what they wear if you observe…

Jocks: Clearly, most of the athletes here wear their warm ups around campus, since they usually have practice throughout the day at random times. You will see guys wearing gym shorts, sweatpants, sneakers, warm up sweats, and team sweatshirts around the school. They also get backpacks with their sport on it as well as their number. I am not sure if every team gets these though, I have only seen some students with them. Usually the athletic girls will wear sweats or workout clothes to class, and their team shirts or sweatshirts. Of course, athletes wear other clothes too, but you will usually see them in comfortable, sporty attire.

Rich Kids: Assumption is a private school, that costs about $50,000 a year, so you can probably guess that there are some people that go here that DO have a disposable income. It’s common to hear someone say they’re going shopping with their parent’s credit card, and you can usually tell who these people are. You will see these kids sporting all of the name brands and nothing less. You might see the girls in lucky brand jeans, real leather Michael Kors boots, ray ban sunglasses, a Marc Jacob’s purse, and some expensive jewelry. As for the guys, they might wear Vineyard Vines, Polo, or an expensive watch.

Majority: Most people at Assumption dress similar and just try to keep up with the trends as best as they can. Currently, girls are wearing north face jackets, riding boots, leggings, cardigans, flannels, leather jackets, scarves, combat boots and bean boots. Most people shop at TJ Max, Marshalls, Forever 21, or any other reasonably priced store. Most college kids don’t have the extra cash to drop $500 on a shopping spree, so most of these things are from average stores. For boys, gym shorts, jeans, t shirts, sweatshirts, and Nike attire are all popular. For some reason bucket hats are coming back for the guys as well…not sure where that came from. As the winter goes on, more students are apt to dress for comfort, rather than style.

Artsy: Assumption is not an art school to say the least, but there are definitely some artsy and creative people out there who dress to their own beat. I’ve seen everything from a boy wearing capris to a girl who dresses in halloween type dresses year round. You can’t help but admire these people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and break away from the mainstream style and expectations.

I do think that when it comes to Assumption, it’s small size contributes to its lack of diversity when it comes to style. Because Assumption is such a small community, it’s easy to just blend in with the current fashion and wear what everyone else is wearing. I think most colleges are like this though, and that fashion can tell you a lot about the people who go there.

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