Wild Chronicles From Freshman Dorms

February 5, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

Barlow Hall

Barlow Hall

Ah, freshman year. A time filled with new experiences, new friends, and most importantly, no parents. Freshmen are found exploring their new life of freedom all over campus. Classrooms, the dining halls, parties, but mostly their dorms. Some of a college students craziest times occur in the midst of the freshman dorms. I asked around and found students wild tales of debauchery from their freshmen year dorm life at the University of Rhode Island.

“We had a mouse in Barlow last year!” – Roommates Danielle Leonardo and Lauren LoPresti, Sophomores, Barlow Hall

“This one time my roommate and her boyfriend had sex in the shower and every one heard.. including the kid I am interning with right now.” Christine Shworn, Senior, Barlow Hall

“Someone once tied a cooked pork chop to my door with a coat hanger.” – Marissa Joly, Sophomore, Gorham Hall

“Freshman year when I found out my roommates, they were best friends from high school and they told me first hand they didn’t want to room with me, I had to have top bunk and a black and white comforter. So I moved in, I took the single bed and brought my own comforter. We were civil the first two weeks then one day they texted me and said if I didn’t move out they would make my life a living hell, so they called me a fake bitch, they started hiding my stuff on me and dumped their trash and take-out on my bed. It was ridiculous, they were psychos.” – Elizabeth Lawler, Sophomore, Weldin Hall

“One time I came home to a piece of pizza stuck to the wall… And then I ate it.” – Jordan Hitchcock, Senior, Barlow Hall

“I had mice, cockroaches, and a lesbian roommate. Also someone smeared peanut butter all over my door and wrote curses in sharpie all over it” Stephanie Savage, Sophomore, Gorham Hall

“My suitemates were freaks! One of them was married to a black girl midget with dreadlocks but also hooked up with random guys all the time and the other one was engaged to her boyfriend and they were 17 and virgins it was bizarre!!!” – Anonymous, Senior, Fayreweather Hall

“The first weekend of freshman year I came into my dorm and there was a girl that was laying on the ground throwing up. I asked her if she wanted help and she told me to “fuck off”. I then asked her what room she lived in and she said she didn’t live there. My big black hall mate came out of her room and I told her what was going on. She proceeded to say “Oh nah this bitch don’t live in this building?” so she went up to her and said “girl get out or I’ll take you out” she said again “fuck off” so this big black girl threw this chick over her shoulder and carried her down four flights of stairs and put her in the lobby for the RA’s to find.” – Anna Costello, Junior, Weldin Hall

“One time I slept walked from Barlow to Butterfield in nothing but a bandeau and booty shorts to my friend’s room and was banging on their door screaming how could you do this to me then I woke up and jogged back to my room where a group of people were in Barlow circle welcoming me back.” – Brittany Ford, Senior, Barlow Hall

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