Your Best Campus Resources at UCSB

May 6, 2013 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges, Reviews

One of the great parts of college is that you have so many options to explore your school, your area, and yourself. Over your four (or three or five or whatever) years at a university campus, you will meet new people, hear of (maybe join?) new clubs and organizations, go to sporting events, try interesting classes, find a job or an internship and develop your resume and job skills, and party (that’s a given). But it’s also important to take advantage of the resources directly on campus that are free to you during your short time as a student. You may not use them all, but you should at least know all of the things your campus offers you!

But wait, there's more?!

But wait, there’s more?!

Career help
One of UCSB’s biggest advantages is the website, Gaucholink, which students can log into and use to find jobs and internships on- and off-campus. The website is really helpful for undergrads, grad students, and recent graduates. You can search for specific jobs based on a field, a location, a position, or a time frame. Once you find something, it even tells you when the application is due, the entire application process, and provides you with an application. Most of the listings are put in directly by employers, so they are pretty detailed and informative.

Other popular events at USCB are the department Career Fairs, which bring top employers, former students, and other recruiters directly to you! Not only can you network, but it is possible to even get a job out of going to the fair (although it’s really just a great way to make connections or find jobs that you can apply for/perform later).

If you’re not ready to start job-hunting yet, no worries! UCSB also offers free tutoring services for students so they can get their grades up before applying. CLAS has weekly scheduled courses which focus on one subject (i.e. Econ 3B or Writing) and are taught by experienced students who have extensive knowledge of the topic. There’s also peer tutoring available, although often that means you have to contact the tutor and set up a schedule yourself.

Looking for advice on what to do after (or during) college? Set up an appointment with one of UCSB’s Academic Advisors. Not only do they give you advice on what you’re doing now and what you should do next, they can help you plan far in advance as well as with smaller tasks, like how to retake a class. If you have any academic questions, always go here first!

Self help
I’m not saying you need mental help during college or that you need to read a motivational self-help book! But a lot of stuff happens in college, and sometimes you may need help dealing with it or just want someone to talk to about it. For that, UCSB offers counseling to any enrolled UCSB student – free of charge! Come in for a one-on-one session or join a group session if you feel more comfortable. You don’t have to tell your parents or anyone you know, and it remains completely private. Many students utilize these services when they are undergoing a lot of stress (due to school, relationships, emotional issues, family problems, anything!).

Just feeling a bit of midterm stress? UCSB also offers free relaxation services to students, designed to relieve your sense of impending doom. If you don’t want to talk to a counselor, stop by for a free massage or a quick session in the egg chair!

UCSB also has peer counselors for those students who just want someone who gets it to talk to!

UCSB has a lot of great resources, but they’re not all about education. As a UCSB student, you get a free annual membership to the campus Rec Cen (except during summer, which is kind of lame). Open until 12 on most nights, the Rec Cen has every type of machine you could want to get in shape. Take a study break or get over that fight with your boyfriend by sweating it out instead!

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