Youtube in College

January 30, 2015 in Videos

Youtube Videos

Youtube Videos

So, I don’t watch Youtube videos often, but I found a few from Jenna Marbles, College Humor, and Buzzfeed Videos that I thought were entertaining – Enjoy!

1. If Disney Princes Were Real:

This video is hilarious and it is so accurate! I’ve seen stuff about “If Disney Princesses Were Real,” but I’ve never seen any about princes. I thought the scenarios that they used in this video were interesting and entertaining.

2. If College Freshmen Were Honest on Move in Day:

Once again, so accurate and funny to watch when you’re past the first few months of college. Now when I look back at this I would have to say that most of these are definitely true!

3. 10 Rookie Mistakes Every Freshman Makes:

These are all so true, especially number one about wearing lanyards around campus. Again, watching this when you’re an upperclassmen is more entertaining and accurate now that you can look back and laugh.

4. Day in the Life: A Man Vs. a Woman

I like this video because it is humorous but also brings up issues such as gender inequality and make dominance.

5. Things You think you can get away with but you can’t:

I think this video is pretty funny because some of these scenarios are pretty realistic. Some of these things have probably happened to most of us.

6. Stop Saying “It Ruined My Childhood”

I like this video because it has a sense of humor but also brings up the importance of thinking before you speak and appreciating what you do have. It certainly made me think back and wonder if I have ever mentioned something and then said that it “ruined my childhood” in the same way that these kids do.

7. Things Girls Lie About

Jenna Marbles is awesome and this video is so true!

8. What Girls Do in the Car:

This is probably my favorite video of Jenna Marbles!

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