Assumption’s Bomb Threat

May 23, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

On Tuesday, October 14th, my roommates and I were sitting in our apartment lounging around. We had all just come back from a long weekend spent back home for Columbus Day, and after lugging our stuff back into our rooms we were exhausted. We were all dreading classes the next day, and were all wishing that we could have just one more day off. Suddenly, our wishes came true, but under dire circumstances…

At about 10pm one of my friends was browsing on Facebook on her computer, and suddenly looked up in surprise. She said that the Assumption College Facebook page posted a status that there had been a bomb threat and that we should evacuate. We all laughed because we figured that it was some joke because we would have definitely received a phone call or something. After browsing on Facebook however, we realized that people were sharing the status and commenting on it. We began to worry that it could be true after all.

A few minutes later we all received an email stating that there had been a bomb threat and to stay where we were. Once this happened, we all knew that it was real. We were all really confused and caught off guard, but we still thought that it would blow over and things would go back to normal quickly. We never thought that we would be evacuating our campus when we had just arrived back to school a few hours earlier.

At about 11:30 we finally received a phone call stating that there was a bomb threat and that we should evacuate the campus immediately. At first we weren’t really sure what to do because some of us had just driven over an hour to get back to campus earlier. It all became real when our RA came knocking on our door and told us that we had to leave. We all frantically packed a bag and figured out where we were staying for the night. Since I only live about 20 minutes away, I just went back home, but some of my other friends stayed with friends so they didn’t have to drive too far.

As we evacuated campus there was a line of traffic and it took a while to actually get out, but police officers on campus were directing traffic and making sure that everyone was okay. Since freshmen can’t have cars on campus, busses were sent to bring them to WPI for the night. Overall, it was a really smooth exit and everyone was fairly calm. It was nice to know that this was how the campus would react in a real situation.

The next day, classes were cancelled and we were eventually allowed back onto campus after dinnertime, as they discovered there was no real threat. The threat came from a prior student who had been expelled from Assumption for various reasons. Apparently, the threat that he emailed to the media relations director at Assumption claimed that there were pressure cooker bombs on campus and that all students and faculty were at risk of being injured. Assumption took these threats very seriously and made sure that all of the students were safe.

This was the closest that I have ever been to a “traumatizing” experience at Assumption, and for me personally I felt that the college handled it very well.

Assumption bomb threat

Assumption bomb threat

Guide to Surviving College

May 22, 2015 in Alive Campus

College Survival Guide

College Survival Guide

College is commonly known as the best four years of your life. But with those amazing experiences comes a bundle of stress, especially during morning classes and total lack of sleep during brutal exam weeks. It’s important to pick up on some important tips in order to make the best of those four years while still earning good grades, and of course, having fun. Here are just a few pointers for the college student.

1)  Study in advance. It’s something we all are told but often ignore. I promise you, it’s worth it. Studying in advance in college is a necessity if you want to be successful. The exams are no longer the easy multiple choice questions that you were able to guess on in high school and still manage to receive an A. You’ll be thanking yourself the night before the test comes that you already have at least half the chapters memorized.

2)  Cook. I think this is extremely important for the college student to do in order to save money and learn how to make a variety of recipes for their own sake.

3)  Exercise. This will keep you in shape, give you more energy, and contribute to relieving any excess stress from the many assignments you have on your plate. Exercise breaks are one of my main go-tos when I’m working on a big assignment and need a boost of energy.

4)  Don’t skip class. You will experience mornings where your bed sounds like a vacation in paradise compared to sitting through an hour-lecture. But do everything in your power to make it to class almost every day. If you have to miss at some point, email your teacher with a valid excuse to demonstrate responsibility. This is certainly something they will take into consideration when working on your final grade at the end of the semester.

5)  Save money every week. Whether you have a part-time job or your parents are sending you money every week, try to put money aside instead of spending it all at once simply because you have it in your possession. It’s beneficial to always have extra money on you for keepsake. Little ways to save money are buying the store brand of food or skipping on buying a new outfit for every upcoming event or themed party.

6)  Don’t get too close to your roommate. I say this from personal experience and from what I’ve witnessed with other friends. It’s best to always be on civil terms with your roommate, but not too close to the point where you’ll tire of each other after the first month. A lot of roommate situations result in them despising one another if they were extremely close at some point. Living with someone can be difficult, especially when it’s your best friend.

7)  Make time to have fun. Studying 24/7 most likely won’t result in perfect grades. Everyone will burn out from studying at some point. Finding a balance between free time and knowing when to sit down and study for a few hours is key to successfully making your way through college.

8)  Join an organization. Find what interests you and get involved. You’ll meet people that share similar interests to you, which always makes the college experience more enjoyable.

9)  Go to office hours. Again, from personal experience, I’ve learned that office hours are key to earning a good grade. When I took the hardest class of my major this past semester, I struggled to earn anything close to an A in the first month on the several assignments I had to complete, despite the efforts I put into each and every one. Attending office hours significantly boosted my grade for both the assignments and overall participation, resulting in me finishing the class with a solid A. Just think that 30 minutes out of your day twice a week is nothing compared to seeing that final grade on your transcript.

10)  Save money on books. Wait until the first few weeks to buy your books to see if you actually need them. A mistake several college students make is buying books the second they see the syllabus to realize they never opened it once throughout the semester. Do yourself a favor and wait it out until you desperately need it, because chances are, you won’t.

Be sure to take these pointers into consideration as you experience the best years of your life!

Goodbye Alive Campus (and Thank You)

May 22, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Colleges

It has been exactly one week since I graduated from college and I have to say, that I am still not use to the idea of being a graduate. I will no longer have to go to school and attend classes after the end of a long summer, since I have decided not to attend graduate school for the time being. I will dedicate my time to working and see what path and opportunities arise. Now, another ending is happening. This is the last article I will post for Alivecampus. After two years of writing weekly articles, it has come to an end. I have decided that it is time to focus on other opportunities, but through alive campus I have learned a lot of useful skills needed in a job and life: time management, creativity, and writing skills.


Time Management: Once a week, I had to write an article, plus write and/or post questions on the forum, aside from doing homework/studying for my classes. It can be stresses full to balance two things at the same time, but it is manageable through time management. I am thankful for Alivecampus to help me develop skills of time management. Before, I was not very good at being able to balance work evenly and not leave work to the last minutes. Even though I still procrastinate from time to time, I have a better way of managing my work and time to get work done on time.

Creativity:  This is a skill that I had a difficult time developing, but by writing the articles every week, it helped me think about different topics. Especially when the question for the week’s article was in the theme of Alivecampus, which meant that I could write about anything about being a college student and what concerns me. The creativity followed me to not only through the articles, but with the weekly forum posts we had to get done. Writing, answering, and replying to questions in the forum helped me be creative with the questions I was posting. It also helped me connect with other college students and see that we have similar questions, concerns, and interests.

Writing Skills:  My number one skill that I am grateful for Alivecampus to help me develop is my writing skills. English is not my first language, so I have always not been confident about my writing skills. Yet, though Alivecampus, I was able to express my thoughts and improve my writing. I feel that throughout these two years of being an advocate writer at Alivecampus, I have improved my writing.

I would like to thank Alivecampus for giving me the opportunity to improve my writing skills and to express and share my college experience for others to read.  Alivecampus is a wonderful website to have because it helps college students and high school seniors know about the myths of college and read real experience of real college students. Once again, thank you Alivecampus and thank you Radek!

I will definitely miss writing and posting weekly articles!

Clubs and Organizations at Assumption!

May 17, 2015 in Academics, Alive Campus, Campus Life

The second you step foot on Assumption’s campus, you’ll have people encouraging you to join clubs and to participate in any organization that you can. Assumption has a number of clubs and organizations to join, so it can seem overwhelming. I’ve narrowed them down to the best ones that I know of and have heard of, if you’re thinking about going there…here it goes.

Assumption Relay for Life!

Assumption Relay for Life!

1. CAB: This is more of an organization than a club, but it’s probably the biggest one on campus and the one that you will hear about the most. CAB stands for campus activities board, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. This group of people or students organizes many events on campus from Sibling’s weekend, to weekly events with comedians and musicians. Basically, when you go on a tour and a parent asks what “goes on” on the weekend, the tour guide will talk about CAB events, rather than the binge drinking and parties. CAB puts on some awesome events, and you technically pay for it with you’re tuition so I have tried to go to a number of them. You always get free food, prizes, and other fun stuff. As far as joining, it personally wasn’t my cup of tea, because I hate planning things and just never had enough time, but the people that I know that were in this organization absolutely loved it and made so many friends. If you’re looking for something to be involved in, this is a great way!

2. Reach Out Center: If you’re into volunteering, or just have some free time, I would encourage you to join the reach out center. They have so many opportunities for you to take part in, and the handling of everything is pretty professional. Through this club you can volunteer in many different places in Worcester that people have already volunteered at, so you will be welcomed and they will be familiar with an Assumption student their. It’s also really nice because at the end of the year they have a “social” where you get free food and t-shirts. This is the best way to get involved, volunteer, and make a difference on campus!

3. Academic Club: Of course, Assumption has an academic club for almost every major on campus. If you’re really passionate about your major or a subject, I would suggest joining one of these clubs. They’re a great resume booster and you can meet other people who have similar interests as you!

4. Relay for Life: This is  one of my favorite clubs/organizations on campus, because I have seen it grow tremendously in my four years there. The relay committee plans and puts on the Relay for Life event each year, and they spend almost the entire year preparing for it. Over the year they have fundraisers and other fun things to raise money to put on the event and to donate to Relay For Life. So many people on campus have gotten involved in Relay because it is for a great cause that has affected so many people, and because the event is awesome! From what I’ve seen, people involved in this absolutely love planning it all year and then seeing how great the event turns out. Each year, the event gets stronger and the money raised increases as well – they also pick really cool themes for each event that make them really fun! Just this past year, Assumption’s Relay committee and event raised almost $30,000! That is amazing for a school as small as Assumption. If you’ve ever been affected by cancer any way, or if you just want to help raise money for a great cause, I would highly suggest participating or even joining the committee!

So, there you have it – these are my favorite clubs/organizations at Assumption College that I think you should pursue! Of course, there are over 60 different clubs that you can choose from, so if you decide to go to Assumption, make sure your attend the majors fair that will showcase them all! Good Luck!

Wheelock College: Graduation May 2015

May 15, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Career, Colleges

I am proud to announce that today, May 15, 2015 I have finally graduated from Wheelock College! I am the first one in my family to graduate from college and it is an achievement and dream that I am proudly to announce that it has come true. A lot of people say that college are the best years of a person’s life and I have to admit college was more of an self exploration and self change, according to my experience and thoughts, than fun and exciting. Don’t get me wrong it was fun and thrilling to explore the new independence from my parents and meet a lot of new friends, but the most part of my learning and experiences happened within myself and not with the friends I made.

Wheelock College Graduate!

Wheelock College Graduate!

The best times were the times when I gained new views on social justices, feminism and other controversial topics within the classroom and outside the campus. During these four years, I have learned to rethink, explore, and re-explore my ideas and views. I have never learned so much about my self in any other setting in my life and I have to say that it was thanks to the professors and staff at Wheelock College that enable me to explore and experience something new and different from my views and gave me a new gateway to the same ideas.

Aside from the discovery of new ideas and learning about myself, especially my passions and views, the teachers at Wheelock College are the most wonderful staff members and I will miss each and every one of them very much. I will miss a lot of professor who have pushed me to the fullest and challenge me not only in the classroom setting, but helped me achieve many goals outside the classroom. I will miss those teachers who were patience and understanding whenever I had a difficult time submitting an assignment and when I had a family problem that will affect my academic performance.

Lastly, I want to say to all the freshmans, sophomores, juniors, and soon to be seniors that you can do it! Graduating from college is possible if you put your mind to it and do not give up. I know some have circumstances that enable them to struggle through college, but don’t give up; the end of that dark tunnel is going to be the best day of your life. Talk to your professors, academic advisors and other faculty members whenever you have any problems or need some advise. You will see the different opportunities that will arise in your life as you see people are willing to help you achieve your goals.

I never thought that this day will ever come and 4 years of college went by so fast that by the time I realize it; it was graduation day.  Enjoy your time in college and never forget that you can make a difference in the world by being yourself and as Wheelock College’s mission statement states, “inspire a world of good” and create change by “improving the lives of children and families”.

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