Tons to Do in the Middle of Nowhere

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Cornell's West Campus Entrance (expect tons of acapella groups singing at this arch)

Cornell’s West Campus Entrance (expect tons of acapella groups singing at this arch)

As a NYC-raised individual, I grew up with the mentality that city life is the only life. My acceptance to Cornell came with the realization that I would be living in what was essentially thought of as “the middle of nowhere.” It took me no more than a few hours of being in Ithaca to realize that “the middle of nowhere” is NOT synonymous to “having nothing fun to do.”

Apple Festival

The unimaginable happens at Ithaca’s three-day Apple Fest: You run into anything and everything for which an apple could feasibly be used. Hard apple cider (for all of you 21 and overs * cough cough *), apple donuts, apple cinnamon funnel cakes, caramelized apples, heck, even apple-scented lotions! The festival, held in the Ithaca Commons during the fall season, is an amalgam of Farmer’s Markets (food, aesthetic products, and trinket vendors), live-band performances, and tons of carnival activities. Come one, come all, and if you have work that weekend, make a sick call!

Midnight Nasties Run

Bear Necessities—colloquially referred to by Frosh as Nasties—is the food market/café/quasi-restaurant on the ground floor of RPCC. Known for its delectable subs and tasty pizzas, this is the go-to spot for any midnight munchies (not those kind of munchies) or for any drunk and hungry students passing by after a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night of partying.


“Sugar, spice, and everything nice?” More like “Glitter, grime, and mojitos with wedges of lime!” Filthy/Gorgeous is an annual dance thrown by Cornell’s LGBTQ+ organization to promote safe-sex positivity and to celebrate the beauty that is Ithaca and its gorgeous gorges—with the added fun of raunchy party themes (Glitter and Grime circa 2014), excellent house music, and deliciously gorgeous go-go dancers. Think Project X meets a Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club meets a NYC Village rave meets RuPaul’s Drag Race. Come filthy, come gorgeous…just come (pun absolutely intended).

Midnight Scream

You know that student who sits in the front row, center aisle during your Intro to Bio lecture and constantly aims to screw up the grading curve? Yes, he, too, struggles with the stress and anxiety that comes with being a Cornell student. Finals are Hell for everyone, and Midnight Scream serves as an avenue through which students can unify through a single mentality: Finals are terrifying and I just want them to be over! Science has proven that cussing or screaming can alleviate pain. Midnight Scream brings that science into the real world setting by allowing students to race to the roof of a Cornell-designated dormitory or hall and to scream for several minutes the night before the first day of Finals. It’s tradition. It’s legal. Now let it all out!

Eat at the Risley Dining Hall:

Cornell has gotten the reputation of being the “Harry Potter” college within the Ivy League conference. I constantly argue that this reputation has emerged because of the amount of students that appear to use Hermione’s Time Turner device—I mean, how else are they able to take so many classes, get all of their homework done, and still have any time to sleep? In contrast to my own conspiracy theories, most would agree that Cornell has obtained this reputation due to the architecture and interior design present around and within the campus, Risley Dining Hall fitting into this Harry Potter-esque category. It simply fits the description of a Harry Potter dining hall—antique wood aesthetic, old Victorian-style chandeliers, and tons of stain glass windows. Located on North Campus, this dining hall is ideal for any Cornell Frosh—and even hosts an annual Harry Potter night (for any of you readers who are adamant about their “house”).

Louie’s Lunch Truck

That red truck stationed on the road that connects Balch Hall to Risley Hall is known as Louie’s Lunch Truck—or, as I called it, Heaven in a vehicle. As a New York City kid, I grew up with delis and food stalls on every corner during every hour of the day. While not open 24 hours, seven days a week, Louie’s Lunch Truck (open during lunch, dinner, and midnight-snack hours) serves the most scrumptious Cajun fries, sugary milkshakes, hefty burgers of all types, and a variety of subs! As a North Campus Frosh, it is absolutely your obligation to commit to an all-night study session and to order your midnight snacks from Louie’s.

Climb the clock tower

Cornell boasts its 161 Things To Do list inside of the Cornell Store, which is a checklist that includes 161 things to do or places to visit before one graduates. One of the items on this list is to climb the 161 steps of McGraw clock tower. I am a huge proponent for checking off this item during your Frosh year, rather than waiting until your senior year. Firstly, it’s great exercise. Secondly, the view from the top of the clock tower is grogeous! And thirdly, said view is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes for a wonderful Instagram photo (Hashtag Cornell, Hashtag Clock Tower, Hashtag Hashtag).

Dragon Day

It’s a common joke around Cornell that Architecture students do not exist. There are so few of them, and their core curriculum makes it so that they rarely have an opportunity to take classes outside of their field of professional studies, let alone, gives them any opportunities to party (you’ll see them in their native habitat while walking from the Arts Quad to North Campus on any given night). Dragon Day is the one day of the year in which students from the other six colleges of Cornell are given proof that Archies do, in fact, exist. A yearlong art project culminates in the Frosh Archies running around the Cornell campus with their dragon design in hand and with their audacious and eccentric costumes and make-up in clear sight. It’s quite a sight (pun intended).

Sunday morning brunch at RPCC

Every upper class man will, at some point in their time in college, miss the beauty that is the RPCC Sunday brunch. Frosh are all stationed up on North Campus, which leaves three dining hall options, RPCC being one of them. On any given Sunday, RPCC dining hall will provide students with a pancake station, an omelet station, a croissant station, a dim sum station (don’t miss out on those dumplings), and the regular array of continental breakfast food. For those of you who identify as Foodies, Food Bloggers, or Food Instagrammers, Sunday Morning Brunch at RPCC is not something to miss.

Appreciate the gorges

With a maxed out credit-schedule, social mixers and parties, and a myriad of extra-curricular activities (because, let’s face it, Cornell students are overachievers), students rarely take the time to look at their surroundings. Next time, when you’re crossing that bridge, take a moment to stop and to look. Look at the water streaming down the gorge. Listen for the sound of water rushing across the land. Close your eyes and let the mist hit your face. Smile.

Cornell Gorge

Cornell Gorge

What Does Hofstra Do For Fun?

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Visit Friends for Entertainment

Visit Friends for Entertainment

Since I am such a busy college student I rarely ever have free time. When I do have free time I like to participate in activities that will allow me to unwind and flee from the daily stressors of life.

Gym Classes

Gym classes are such a great way to spend your free time, because of the mental and physical benefits. The physical benefits of participating in gym classes are obvious. When one participates in a gym class he or she are dedicating time to improving his or her health and the physical condition of his or her body. The metal benefits gained from participating in gym classes are not so obvious. It is scientifically proven that working out supplies a chemical, called dopamine, to the brain which plays a key role in the feeling of pleasure and happiness. Exercising reduces stress and anxiety. Exercising is actually a form of low-level stress by raining your heart rate and triggering a burst of hormonal changes. Once ones body is adjusted to the stress of exercise, the body becomes better at handling other stressors.


Netflix is probably the best thing to happen to college students other than free food. I love watching movies or The Office series on Netflix. I have plenty of friends who binge watch old television series or have movie nights via Netflix. Netflix is most commonly used by students who do not frequently watch television or are not provided free cable by their university. Watching old television shows and movies is a great way to unwind and relieve stress.

Trips To City

There is always something to do for free in any major city. All one has to pay for is the travel expense to get in and out of the city. For about $16 dollars one can take advantage of all the free things that the city has to offer. If one is unable to find a free event to attend, walking around the city is always free! Sight-seeing can be just as entertaining as going to see a free concert or walking through a festival. There are countless parks to visit and things that one will only see in a city.

Visit a Friend

Visiting a friend is always a great way to pass the time. With super busy schedules it is often difficult to find the time to meet up with friends. So when time allows one to finally see his or her friend again after three weeks it is exciting. Catching up with friends calls for good laughs, secret sharing, venting, and story exchanging which bring a wave of relaxation and enjoyment.

Contact Family and Friends Back Home

Most college students go weeks at a time without calling, emailing, texting, or video chatting their family members. So whenever I have free time I try to contact a few family members that I haven’t talked to in a while. It’s exciting to talk to people from back home who you haven’t spoke with in a while, because they have a ton of stories and memories will be exchanged.

I don’t have much free time, but when I do I do things that make me happy!

Spring Break: A Time to Explore

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When you think of Spring Break in college, images of wild parties on Panama City Beach are conjured up. College kids blowing off steam from the stress of the work load, and spending a lot of money to do so. Girls Gone Wild running up and down the beach coercing drunk girls to flash their boobs. (I’ve never been to PCB, is that still a thing?) But sometimes being able to do something different than that is a good idea for your Spring Break, whether it is a mission trip, and trip with a purpose or just to explore a different part of our country, or the world. On my first Spring Break of college, I accidentally found where I want to live after graduation.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA

I had decided to use my Spring Break to visit my good friend who attended school in New Orleans. My break lined up perfectly with Mardis Gras that year, so I was very excited to see just how crazy the celebration would be down there. So, it could be said that initially, my intentions were to have the party of a lifetime, not much different from the intentions of those same kids on Panama City Beach. And it probably wasn’t all that different; sans the beach. There was a lot of drinking and yelling and there were a lot of exposed boobs. But through this trip, I took away a culture that I had never experienced in a place I had never traveled to.

I live in Marshfield, Massachusetts, a small town south of Boston. I have lived here my entire life. I grew up here. Everything I know is here. Going to New Orleans was a huge culture shock – it didn’t even feel like I was still in the United States. I once heard the city described as a “northern annexation of Haiti,” and I don’t think there could be a more accurate description. The food is in its own category. I once ordered a ham and cheese sub from a deli, and it tasted nothing like one I would get in Mass. How? It’s a ham and cheese sub. They put their cajun spice on literally everything, and I think they’re helping make the world a better place because of it.

The people of New Orleans are incredible. They are friendly and willing to help, especially to first-time visitors of their city they are so proud of. The houses look like nothing you’ve ever seen before; old architecture and funny colors of houses make it hard to keep your eyes on the road while you’re driving. There is so much to see in a city that has so much history. Had I not used my break wisely, I would never have realized how much I loved that city, and would never have had the idea to try living there. Picking up your life and moving cross-country is a huge feat and a scary one, no doubt. But my senior year approaches, Life is knocking at my door, and I have to answer it at some point. If I look back and regret this decision because I decided I don’t like living in New Orleans, so be it. I only lost a year of my life, and I’ll still only be 23. That’s something I can live with. I just have to be willing to take that first step.

Stonehill Student Profile: Ryan DiFalco

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Ryan DiFalco

Ryan DiFalco, a girl and her bucket hat







Where are you from?

Burlington, Vermont

What is your spirit animal?

I’ve been told a seal because I’m playful and silly. I’ve also been told a sea turtle because I’m peaceful and conscious of not upsetting the balance of things.

One word that describe Stonehill:


Favorite movie?

Dead Poets Society

Why did you choose Stonehill?

I chose Stonehill because I had that weird magical moment where you walk on campus and fall in love. And the internship opportunities, like NY, DC, and LA sounded cool.

What advice would you give to a new student?

Join a lot of clubs in the beginning. If you feel like you’d be interested in something just try it! You’ll find your happiness in joining groups.

What are you involved in?

I’m the Captain of the ultimate Frisbee team, the music section editor of The Rolling Stonehill (Stonehill’s culture magazine), and the Secretary of PRIDE (providing a responsible, inclusive, and diverse environment).

How do you manage time?

I take it day by day and hope I don’t cry at the end of it.

How do you handle living four hours away?

It’s tough sometimes because I’m really close with my family, but I stay busy and see it as an adventure.

Favorite place on campus?

The bridge by New Hall. Super convenient, but a nice place to go to clear my head.

One thing you want to do before you graduate?

One academic thing I want to do is stay on the dean’s list, and one silly thing I want to do is climb Donahue.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Aside from going abroad (in Ireland), I’m excited to live in the Colonial Courts with all of my friends.

Ryan is one of my best friends and she is a great example of a Stonehill student. She has a great heart and is very involved on campus. Just remember that college comes with many opportunities, and you should take advantage of each and every one. Whether that means joining clubs, going abroad, or doing an internship, it’s important to get yourself out there like Ryan does. Already in our junior year, we are confident and ready to take on anything, all thanks to the new things we tried and chances we took that got us to this stage.

Library Vs Library

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Being a commuter the library has become my second home. I spend most of my time in the library while I wait for my classes to start, especially if I have a two or more hours break between classes which has happen often throughout my three years at Wheelock. A college library is not much of a difference than the public library we had in high school; we can borrow books, use the computer, and even print a document. The only difference is who has access to the resources in the library. In high school, a student has access to the resources for only a limited amount of time, but in college there is more time to borrow a book, unlimited time to use the computer, and printed document.

Books:A service that public schools do not have that college library do is to borrow, in library use only, textbooks from the classes they are taking. This way if a person does not have their textbook or it hasn’t arrived yet, they will still be able to do their homework without the problem of not having their class textbook with them. Some professors make the

Is you library a great environment to get work done?

Is you library a great environment to get work done?

ir course textbooks available in the library by the first or second week of classes to be ready to get reserved in the library, but some professors do not have their textbook available so it is important to verified with your professor if the book or books are reserved in the library.

Time the Library is Open: During high school in ordered to use the library it had to be before class, if the library was open by the time you arrived to school which was around 7am, because sometimes it wasn’t open until, 8 am the time class started or after school. Now in college, my schools library is open from 7 am to 11 pm and on midterms and finals time it is open until 1am. Giving students time to print papers/homework before class and even during the night. I especially like the extra time the library gives to students to study for their midterms and finals. Showing a major difference with the time the library was available in high school library compared to college libraries.

Usage of a College Library: The library is always the best place to study, do homework, and do group work because it has an environment of seriousness, in some areas of the library, and it makes you focus in completing what ever you are trying to finish. I take advantage of the quietness of the library to focus and finish my homework or readings for my classes. Being in the library helps me focus more on my school work than if I was somewhere else.

Computers: Wheelock has a lot of computers that are available to student, so it is not necessary to bring your laptop to school, if you are a commuter, to have access to a computer. 

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