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Helping people and bringing law breakers to justice are among the chief concerns when it comes to professions in the field of criminal justice. Their duties don’t stop there. They’re responsible for everything from the duties of law clerks to working as coroners.

That means that the field of criminal justice is as vast as you can possibly imagine. This career can be filled with excitement, meeting new people, and dealing with individuals in such a way that you would be proud of yourself at the end of the day.

The most obvious use of a criminal justice degree would be to enter into a law enforcement career. Jobs like police officers, FBI agents, customs agents, detectives, drug enforcement agents and even bodyguards all fall into this category. Each one requires that you be flexible and able to handle a number of different situations with even more diverse people.

You may decide to take a different route when it comes to a criminal justice career. You can work as a jailer, a substance abuse counselor, a penologist, a corrections facilities manager or even a prison warden. Despite the fact that these jobs don’t go on routine patrols or to exotic locations, they do have unique challenges that can push you in terms of both your physical and mental abilities.

Consider one group of jobs that someone with a degree in criminal justice could pursue. They could become an attorney, a bailiff, a criminologist, a law clerk, a law librarian, or even a district attorney. Each of these jobs hold a special responsibility when it comes to the legal system, yet each tends to be relatively low risk.

There are even more jobs that fall into the field of criminal justice. Compliance managers, contracts administrators, U.S. marshals and social workers are all jobs that require a high degree of proficiency in criminal justice. You can work for the government, a local agency or even a private business, which means that you have a wide array of employment choices available to you.

While some of the careers listed here will take additional schooling and training, the foundation for each lies with a degree in criminal justice. You need to hold a firm comprehension of the law, due process and every other component to ensure that you can competently perform your duties. Places like UC Online are among the best for prospective students to start researching if a future in criminal justice is for them.

ITube? YouTube? WeTube?

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The Internet is a bottomless pit of information and entertainment, and though some of what you find may be completely useless or ridiculous, there are a few websites that every college student cherishes. YouTube is one of those. There, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of videos ranging from educational, to hilarious, to straight up gruesome. Every student needs to know at least a few youtube channels that they can turn to in times of need – here are a few of my favorites.

1.    College Humor

College Humor is a comedy-based channel that includes both animated and real people acting out scenes or ranting about aspects of college life. Though some of the content in these videos is exaggerated, it still depicts some of the things you’ll experience at college. These videos are designed to make you laugh even if you’re upset at your roommate or frustrated with your dorm’s bathroom situation, so if you’re ever down in the dumps (no pun intended), don’t hesitate to turn to College Humor. It’ll turn your frown upside down in no time.

2.    Soul Pancake

Soul Pancake is a YouTube channel that creates thought provoking and philosophical videos that challenge and address what it means to live and be human. Soul Pancake has a variety of genres including love, science, faith, and others. The videos effectively combine humor and satire with honest, serious knowledge and research that make them enjoyable to watch (after all, we sit in class all day, so who would want to watch another dry lecture in their free time?). Recently, I watched a fascinating video about the power of compliments related to love. Though compliments can boost our self-esteem, we often have trouble accepting really sincere, powerful compliments because we either a) don’t believe the person, or b) don’t want to be seen as narcissistic. Learning to accept and validate the compliments to yourself improves your own self-worth and your relationships. If you’re interested in learning more about these kinds of topics, go check out Soul Pancake on YouTube!

3.    Food Network

Whether you love or hate cooking, Food Network is the best place to find recipes and tips! You can find a tutorial about virtually any dish or food, and you may even find something new to try. Food Network also promotes cooking competition shows, so even if you don’t have a kitchen, you can live vicariously through the contestants on the show.

4.    Jenna Marbles

If you’ve never heard of Jenna Marbles, then you’re missing out. There are tons of amazing online bloggers out there, but she’s by far my favorite. Her facial expressions, sarcasm, and jokes really hit home with my own sense of humor, which is why I love watching her videos so much. Although some of her videos are better than others, you definitely won’t be disappointed on whichever one you click on – just be aware that she does swear and/or address inappropriate topics so just check your speakers before you watch!

5.    Blogilates

It took me a little while to get used to/enjoy yoga, but I really enjoy the strengthening and stretching component of these practices. Cassey Ho balances exercise and relaxation perfectly – she knows how to challenge you without going too far. She is super motivating and even makes exercise fun. There are so many workout videos online nowadays; you can find one for virtually any type of workout, whether it be HIIT, yoga, Insanity, at home abs workouts, etc. Don’t be afraid to search YouTube for exercise routines, just make sure to be safe and responsible when doing any sort of activity.

Campus Grotto: A useful tool for any college student

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Campus Grotto Logo

Now I’m not one for searching the web for college websites, but when I found Campus Grotto I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. The home page for the website is very inviting with lots of information at your fingertips. I was immediately drawn to the layout of the first page because it reminds me of a website for a newspaper with stories at the top of the page and links to subscribe to them on the sides. However, these are not the only helpful tools the website has to offer.

If you are a first time user like I was, they have just the link for you! On their homepage is a tab that says New here? Underneath is a link that says start here. The link leads you to a page that gives you a low down on everything the website offers and the links that will lead you to them. Some of the links include their most popular articles, a list of their tools, a list of How to-s, and guides to everything you could possibly think of relating to college, along with many more resources. This site is chalked full of information!

Not only do they have links at the top of the page for career advice, textbooks, a blog, etc. but right on the homepage underneath the links to the rankings of the most expensive colleges and most beautiful college libraries they also have a box for college guides. I found this tool to be the most useful and was extremely impressed by it. In the box is a list of six topics that are helpful to current and future college students. The topics include college admissions, degree guide, college life, paying for college, textbooks, and study tips. Underneath each of these topics is a drop box which contains a list of subjects that fall under the topics. For instance, under the paying for college are tabs for information about Pell grants, Stafford loans, student credit cards, etc. Once you pick one of them it takes you straight to the page with information regarding the topics you chose. It’s easy and simple and gives you a wide variety of useful advice all with a simple click.

Additionally, when it comes to other advice like textbooks and online courses, Campus Grotto has links for renting, buying and downloading books along with a link to an online college for your field of study if you are interested in taking online courses. I find this very accommodating because all you have to do is simply click on the link instead of having to open another tab and type in the site. I find this more user friendly than just giving a list of sites to check out.

So whether you are a current college student or a future student, I suggest browsing Campus Grotto. Its easily accessible layout and useful links are their great features, along with their extremely interesting articles like The 100 Greatest College Traditions and The Most Beautiful College Libraries. I highly recommend the website and hope you find it as up to par, if not similar to a professional newspaper website but instead focused on the college student.

Food Review: Boston University

August 31, 2014 in Campus Life

BU prides itself on having the best food, and many places to eat it. The servers are (generally) very nice, the dining halls are advertised as “restaurant-grade,” and there are numerous places and ways you can eat at Boston University. These are the most common few.

Students Order from Warren Towers

Warren Towers is known for making food quickly. However, go there at lunchtime, and you’ll surely have to wait at least 10 minutes.

1. Warren Towers

Most freshmen live in Warren Towers for their first year at Boston University. Located on the fourth floor (the ground floor, as the building is also a large parking garage), there is a huge dining room that can fit a staggering number of rowdy individuals. There are a few pros, and many more cons to eating in Warren. You’re very likely to see people you know, so if you’d like to be social, it’s a great place to eat. Their fries are good, and they typically have good fruit. They have good seating, and an amazing view of the campus to enjoy while you chew. However, their staff is the most likely to be temperamental, which is expected, given the fact that they have to deal with hordes of hungry, stinky teenagers every day. There are generally too many people in there for good conversation to happen, and if you’re anything other than a freshman, the shouting can get…old.

You can only hear so many ridiculous debates about the Oxford comma or stories about “oh my god I was so drunk last night look how fun and pretty I am, haha” to make you never want to walk in those doors again.

2. Marciano Commons

Marciano Commons, despite the fact that the building that houses it is a bit of an eyesore, is actually gorgeous inside. If you want a place to eat that’s easy on the eyes and can provide a few hidey-hole type spots to eat, this dining hall is for you. However, seats get snatched up quickly, and though it seems larger than Warren, there is pretty limited seating. The hall sports two floors- the first has your typical college-y fare: cereals, pizza, desserts, and greasy options. The second has vegan, vegetarian, seafood, and, typically, a nicer meat option. This is the one place at BU that really can be called a restaurant, most of the time. I mean, there are days where the dining staff is obviously not at their best, but they are few and far between. The staff at Marciano (100 Bay State) is also the best and nicest on campus.

Avoid this dining hall during Parents’ Weekend- it’s the nice one, and everyone takes their parents to eat the higher-quality food.

3. GSU

The George Sherman Union is a pretty normal student union. Connected to it is the library, but the largest portion of it is a food court and seating. However, it’s understood that though you may buy some food from the GSU, you may not be able to sit down. There are so many people that go there…and many don’t attend our university. Some attend the BU Academy (the high school), and some are normal civilians. BU’s GSU is convenient and popular. It holds a Panda Express, Starbucks, Pinkberry, sushi place, a sandwich shop, soup kitchen, salad bar, and more.

4. Commercial Partners

There are a few stores, restaurants, and chains that will accept BU’s “Convenience Points.” They are essentially cash connected to your BU ID. They really are convenient, well, until you run out of them. The only issue with convenience points is their unfortunate tendency to disappear too quickly. There are a few stores, too, like City Convenience, to avoid. Because it is literally incredibly convenient (its location is fantastic), it jacks up the prices of everything they sell, cheating you out of your money and points.

Tons to Do in the Middle of Nowhere

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Cornell's West Campus Entrance (expect tons of acapella groups singing at this arch)

Cornell’s West Campus Entrance (expect tons of acapella groups singing at this arch)

As a NYC-raised individual, I grew up with the mentality that city life is the only life. My acceptance to Cornell came with the realization that I would be living in what was essentially thought of as “the middle of nowhere.” It took me no more than a few hours of being in Ithaca to realize that “the middle of nowhere” is NOT synonymous to “having nothing fun to do.”

Apple Festival

The unimaginable happens at Ithaca’s three-day Apple Fest: You run into anything and everything for which an apple could feasibly be used. Hard apple cider (for all of you 21 and overs * cough cough *), apple donuts, apple cinnamon funnel cakes, caramelized apples, heck, even apple-scented lotions! The festival, held in the Ithaca Commons during the fall season, is an amalgam of Farmer’s Markets (food, aesthetic products, and trinket vendors), live-band performances, and tons of carnival activities. Come one, come all, and if you have work that weekend, make a sick call!

Midnight Nasties Run

Bear Necessities—colloquially referred to by Frosh as Nasties—is the food market/café/quasi-restaurant on the ground floor of RPCC. Known for its delectable subs and tasty pizzas, this is the go-to spot for any midnight munchies (not those kind of munchies) or for any drunk and hungry students passing by after a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night of partying.


“Sugar, spice, and everything nice?” More like “Glitter, grime, and mojitos with wedges of lime!” Filthy/Gorgeous is an annual dance thrown by Cornell’s LGBTQ+ organization to promote safe-sex positivity and to celebrate the beauty that is Ithaca and its gorgeous gorges—with the added fun of raunchy party themes (Glitter and Grime circa 2014), excellent house music, and deliciously gorgeous go-go dancers. Think Project X meets a Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club meets a NYC Village rave meets RuPaul’s Drag Race. Come filthy, come gorgeous…just come (pun absolutely intended).

Midnight Scream

You know that student who sits in the front row, center aisle during your Intro to Bio lecture and constantly aims to screw up the grading curve? Yes, he, too, struggles with the stress and anxiety that comes with being a Cornell student. Finals are Hell for everyone, and Midnight Scream serves as an avenue through which students can unify through a single mentality: Finals are terrifying and I just want them to be over! Science has proven that cussing or screaming can alleviate pain. Midnight Scream brings that science into the real world setting by allowing students to race to the roof of a Cornell-designated dormitory or hall and to scream for several minutes the night before the first day of Finals. It’s tradition. It’s legal. Now let it all out!

Eat at the Risley Dining Hall:

Cornell has gotten the reputation of being the “Harry Potter” college within the Ivy League conference. I constantly argue that this reputation has emerged because of the amount of students that appear to use Hermione’s Time Turner device—I mean, how else are they able to take so many classes, get all of their homework done, and still have any time to sleep? In contrast to my own conspiracy theories, most would agree that Cornell has obtained this reputation due to the architecture and interior design present around and within the campus, Risley Dining Hall fitting into this Harry Potter-esque category. It simply fits the description of a Harry Potter dining hall—antique wood aesthetic, old Victorian-style chandeliers, and tons of stain glass windows. Located on North Campus, this dining hall is ideal for any Cornell Frosh—and even hosts an annual Harry Potter night (for any of you readers who are adamant about their “house”).

Louie’s Lunch Truck

That red truck stationed on the road that connects Balch Hall to Risley Hall is known as Louie’s Lunch Truck—or, as I called it, Heaven in a vehicle. As a New York City kid, I grew up with delis and food stalls on every corner during every hour of the day. While not open 24 hours, seven days a week, Louie’s Lunch Truck (open during lunch, dinner, and midnight-snack hours) serves the most scrumptious Cajun fries, sugary milkshakes, hefty burgers of all types, and a variety of subs! As a North Campus Frosh, it is absolutely your obligation to commit to an all-night study session and to order your midnight snacks from Louie’s.

Climb the clock tower

Cornell boasts its 161 Things To Do list inside of the Cornell Store, which is a checklist that includes 161 things to do or places to visit before one graduates. One of the items on this list is to climb the 161 steps of McGraw clock tower. I am a huge proponent for checking off this item during your Frosh year, rather than waiting until your senior year. Firstly, it’s great exercise. Secondly, the view from the top of the clock tower is grogeous! And thirdly, said view is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes for a wonderful Instagram photo (Hashtag Cornell, Hashtag Clock Tower, Hashtag Hashtag).

Dragon Day

It’s a common joke around Cornell that Architecture students do not exist. There are so few of them, and their core curriculum makes it so that they rarely have an opportunity to take classes outside of their field of professional studies, let alone, gives them any opportunities to party (you’ll see them in their native habitat while walking from the Arts Quad to North Campus on any given night). Dragon Day is the one day of the year in which students from the other six colleges of Cornell are given proof that Archies do, in fact, exist. A yearlong art project culminates in the Frosh Archies running around the Cornell campus with their dragon design in hand and with their audacious and eccentric costumes and make-up in clear sight. It’s quite a sight (pun intended).

Sunday morning brunch at RPCC

Every upper class man will, at some point in their time in college, miss the beauty that is the RPCC Sunday brunch. Frosh are all stationed up on North Campus, which leaves three dining hall options, RPCC being one of them. On any given Sunday, RPCC dining hall will provide students with a pancake station, an omelet station, a croissant station, a dim sum station (don’t miss out on those dumplings), and the regular array of continental breakfast food. For those of you who identify as Foodies, Food Bloggers, or Food Instagrammers, Sunday Morning Brunch at RPCC is not something to miss.

Appreciate the gorges

With a maxed out credit-schedule, social mixers and parties, and a myriad of extra-curricular activities (because, let’s face it, Cornell students are overachievers), students rarely take the time to look at their surroundings. Next time, when you’re crossing that bridge, take a moment to stop and to look. Look at the water streaming down the gorge. Listen for the sound of water rushing across the land. Close your eyes and let the mist hit your face. Smile.

Cornell Gorge

Cornell Gorge

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