4.0 Ways To Boost Your GPA

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The US college grading system is one of simplicity and consistency; a number scale from 0 to a perfect set of grades coming in at 4.0. So, straight A’s give you a 4.0 GPA in college, and that’s what you should be aiming for. What are some ways to boost your GPA? How can you turn a C into a B or a B into an A? Look no further, your answers lie below.

Do ALL assignments and coursework

The easiest way to push your GPA toward that elusive 4.0 is to simply do all your work. In most classes assignments will make up a huge portion of your final grade, up to 60% in some instances, so getting these done and done to a high standard makes life much easier come finals week.

If you struggle with long papers or wordy essays there are a number of ways you can become more efficient to pump up your coursework grades. Firstly why not try a writing lab? These are free for students to use and a tutor will proof-read your paper and give you useful tips on how to improve.

Also you could try getting together with a group from your class. This will give you a good idea of how everybody else is structuring and planning their papers, as well as giving you tips on good writing devices and techniques. It really is easy to boost your GPA through good coursework, so make sure you give it your full-attention.

LOVE . . . Know Your Professor

To get the highest grades you have to give yourself the chance to perform at your best; this comes by knowing the exact guidelines of all assignments and exams. The only person in the room who knows exactly how to make an A is your professor, so make sure you ask plenty of questions.

Getting to know your professor will give you clear assignment guidelines and expectations

Getting to know your professor will give you clear assignment guidelines and expectations

You don’t need to be their best friend and add them on Facebook for long drawn-out chats about quantum physics or environmental science, but a simple introduction followed by a few questions won’t hurt you. They will give you all the information you need, after all they look better with a class full of A’s than D’s!

If you do manage to make a connection with your professor they may also let you email work ahead of time for them to check and give you advice on. This is a great way of getting a high-grade because you have a distinct advantage over your classmates.


Want higher grades? Study. It really is as simple as that. By knowing the material and prepping for exams you can give yourself the best opportunity to obtain a great grade. There are a number of study tools that the majority of college students find to be beneficial:

1. Flash Cards

Flash cards are a quick and easy way to remember  a lot of information. The idea is that they contain very brief notes and keywords than then spark a whole reel of information already stored in your memory. They can also be a great way to self-test; use one side for the answer and the other side for the related question.

2. Clear Notes

Another good way to study efficiently is by making clear notes in the first place. By doing this you allow your brain to remember the page more clearly when in an exam. This snapshot picture of good, clear notes in your memory will do wonders for your grades come finals week.

The keys to getting that 4.0 GPA are very straight-forward. All you really need to do is prepare well, gather all the information and give yourself the best opportunity to do well.

Hook Up University, I mean Hofstra University

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The Hook Up Culture At Hofstra

Hook Up University is located just 45 minutes away from the Big Apple in the small town of Hempstead. Hook up University is so true its name that Queens rapper Action Bronson has a lyric in his song Alligator about orgies at Hook Up University.

Why would Action Bronson choose Hook up…I mean Hofstra University out of all the schools in New York? Well according to legend, Hofstra has one of the highest STD rates among colleges in America, to the point where a rare strain of herpes called the Hofstra Red has developed.

Many students tend to believe this myth while others like, the University’s health and wellness director, furiously debunk the myth. The student newspaper published an article a few years back about the varying opinions surrounding this vicious rumor. If you ask me its all a bunch mumbo jumbo that a group of students concocted several years back.

If hooking up is what brings you joy in life, you’ll be a very happy camper at Hofstra University. Students look for hook ups everywhere from the club to the Student Center. Most upperclassmen Men try to reel in freshmen girls, because they believe that they are young and dumb. So as a young lady it is very important that not get lost in the hook up culture at Hofstra University. Young women must be bold, strong-willed, confident, intelligent, sensible and a careful listener. I would suggest that incoming freshmen, boys and girls alike, should only develop relationships with other freshmen or sophomores. Immature upperclassmen have the capability of being scavengers.

I do not have any friends that are in relationships with other students who also attend Hofstra University. That’s not to say that there aren’t students who have relationships that are blossoming beautifully at Hofstra. I have an acquaintance who dated her boyfriend all 4 years of high school, decided to attend Hofstra University together and are still dating. Another couple who I see from time to time met freshmen year of college and have been together ever since. Most people find their significant others vis mutual friends, class, events, Student Center, and clubs.

Casual dating occurs at Hofstra. Casual dating is always the happy medium between hooking up and a relationship. You are somewhat exclusive, but not committed and do not have to deal with the annoying elements that are associated with having a friend with benefits. Most students go to the city, restaurants, shows, Student Center, HofUSA, Dave & Buster’s, and on campus events.

Hofstra University has whatever you are looking for a committed relationship, a friend with benefits, or casual dating.

by Amanda

Free Time? What’s That?

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Class work, homework, group projects, studying, and getting involved in different organizations can be quite time consuming, however, you’ll somehow always find some down time at some point in the week. Making down time your time is going to be the best way to go, but how do you make it your time exactly?

  • Hanging Out with Friends

A lot of people will spend down time with their friends. Most college students somehow end up with free time around the same time as their friends, so getting in some quality friend time is always possible. Whether you choose to just hang out at someone’s dorm or apartment, or go out to a movie and dinner, you can’t go wrong when it comes to spending some good times with good friends.

  • Netflix

Though it does cost a bit of money, Netflix is VERY popular on college campuses. I know since Orange is the New Black came out, you can always tell which students have Netflix by which students are talking about the drama of the latest season. Not only Netflix good for watching Orange is the New Black, but also for watching other television shows, movies, and even documentaries for class. Netflix is always a good resource to keep on hand for time off.

  • Naps

My personal favorite is nap time. Remember how there was once a time that you fought your parents on whether you were going to take a nap or not? College is definitely not that time. I used to think naps were super lame in high school, and then I started college and realized exactly how demanding of my energy it was and soon became a huge advocate for nap time. Not only is nap time a good time to lay down and be lazy, but studies have proven that a short nap after learning new material is actually beneficial to retaining that new information. So go ahead and nap away, just tell everyone that you’re attempting to memorize new information!

  • Study

As dull as it sounds, studying is always a good choice (probably one of the better choices) for free time. Classes can get really demanding and very overwhelming very quickly, so a little extra study time can never hurt. You could even get together with your friends or other people in your class to have group study sessions so you’re still getting to be social but also are, hopefully, studying a little too.

  • Get More Involved

Too much free time can be a bad thing. If you constantly find yourself hours on end to waste and don’t know what to do, join an organization! Most colleges have literally hundreds of clubs and interest groups on campus. And if they don’t, most colleges will let you create your own club. Join something that matches well with your interests no matter if it’s religious, or a greek organization, or even Harry Potter club. Find your niche and you’ll find all kinds of friends you never would have made otherwise.

When comes to free time, there’s really no correct way to go about it, but there can be a wrong way. Always make sure that your classwork is taken care of first, and then have some fun with that free time. Just make sure that you’re safe, and you’ll have the absolute time of your life!

Student Club Experiences

July 25, 2014 in Campus Life

I’m halfway through my college experience and that means that I’ve had plenty of time to try my hand at different clubs that are present on my campus. Some are more open to new recruits than others in the middle of the year (meaning allowing people to join in January after winter break). Some are more welcoming in general. And some are simply more fun. I’d like to share with all of you my personal experiences when it comes to testing out clubs and joining, as well as my personal opinion about whether or not I would recommend others to join. Obviously someone very different from myself could love a club that didn’t click with me.

Circle K. I’d never heard of organizations like this before going to TCNJ but it’s a community service group that apparently has connections with people of all different age groups all around the country. The people in this club were so welcoming and fun, they really made meetings worth attending. And you get to help out others with your service! This is something I’d definitely recommend doing with your time.

Leadership Development Program. While this group also felt like it was a great big group of friends, unfortunately it felt closed off in that way, as if newcomers were outsiders. There were a few exceptions to this of course but as a shy person myself, I never felt like I was getting what I needed to feel united with the stronger personalities. Maybe if you’re super-outgoing, go for this club, otherwise steer clear.

The Order of the Nose-Biting Teacups. Otherwise known as the school’s Harry Potter club. Yeah, I know, we have one of those. What’s awesome about it is the range of activities and opportunities available, plus the fact that you don’t absolutely have to be present at every meeting. There are scavenger hunts and quiz nights. You get sorted into your house and can make good friends whether you’re a Gryffindor or Slytherin. Yeah, you should check out this club if you’re a fan.

The School Newspaper. First off, this is in the oddest location on campus. I’m not sure if this is true for all schools. Second, I feel like this could be hit or miss with some people. I’m not one of the active writers on the paper but I sometimes contribute and that’s where I feel most comfortable. If you like writing, especially journalism pieces, you really need to look into this club. Even if you need to go down a creepy staircase into the basement you didn’t know the student center had.

Intermurals. Maybe I’m just basing this off of my one bad experience but the girls that I met who were representing the girls’ tennis intermural were not very nice or inviting. I think it depends on whether you’re playing a sport like tennis, where you need to go into it individually and make friends, or a team sport where you already have your friends beside you so it doesn’t matter if no one else is friendly. But this is a good way to keep active with less of a competitive edge. Though who are you kidding? You still want to win.

What clubs have you joined at your school?

Nice courts does not equal nice players.

Nice courts does not equal nice players.

10 Tips For The College Road Trip

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Except for the sun in your eyes, sunset during a road trip is a beautiful sight.

Except for the sun in your eyes, sunset during a road trip is a beautiful sight.

1. Take advantage of the opportunity.

College may be the only time when you’re impulsive enough to think spending a prolonged period of time in the car for fun is a good idea. It may be the only time you’re surrounded by peers who want to go with you and are good company. It might be the only time you can get away with not being the one who drives. Road trips are awesome regardless of whether they are a week long adventure trekking to Toronto or whether they’re 13 hours over night searching for a tiny Quidditch tournament in Philly.  You’ll also learn 100 times as much about love, happiness and life as you will sleeping through that friday afternoon lecture.  Which is a good thing, because that is the Friday afternoon lecture you’re probably going to skip to take said once-in-a-semester road trip opportunity.

2. Go camping on your road trip.

Or you could cram a lot of friends into one hotel or motel room. Camping will probably be more fun. And it leaves the opportunity for smores.

3. Bring healthy snacks.

Trail mix, bananas you stole from the dining hall, dried fruits, etc. As long as you have food to keep your energy up on your epicly long car ride. There’s only so much caffeine can do in these situations.

4. Buy the unhealthy snacks.

Every stop for gas is an opportunity to stock up on overly salted jerky, eat the messy cheetos that your driver refuses to allow into the car, and of course there is the obligatory Macdonalds lunch break.

5. You can’t pump your own gas in New Jersey.

Just a word to the wise. It is illegal there or something. That means if you’re on the road at 3 am and need gas, please don’t be in NJ at the time. Odds are, no service station will have attendants that late at night.

6. Visit a Wawa.

People from the Pennsylvania area or thereabouts praise these like they are highway rest-stop incarnations of God or something. And they’re kind of right. I can’t accurately judge since my one and only visit to Wawa was after 8 hours sitting in a car with a backpack taking up my leg room. After that, yes, the incredibly large and open service station with tables and chairs and FOOD was actually heaven. It was beautiful.

7. Sit in shotgun.

Because on the one hand, the back seat affords you the ability to see everyone else in the car and goof off with whoever’s sitting next to you. But in shotgun you get the opportunity for deep, life changing, and potentially enlightening conversations with the driver. This is best done at night after the monkeys sitting in the back are asleep. Plus, in shot gun you get your own cupholder.

8.  The driver is always right.

If the driver wants the window down, deal with it. If they want the AC, throw on a sweater. If they want a different radio station than you, change your taste in music for a few hours. Nothing is as important on a road trip as the driver’s comfort. Nothing.

9. The navigator actually is a job.

It’s not a fancy title for the person who lucked out, got their own cup holder in shot gun, and has to occasionally repeat something the GPS said. Navigators are a second set of eyes for drivers who are almost definitely on unfamiliar roads. They back up the driver’s decisions, they use their judgement to interpret GPS instructions, and they calm the driver down in traffic. So make sure you pick the responsible friend for this job.

10. Karaoke is the best part.

The sights are amazing, the deep meaningful conversations will never be forgotten, but the jovial, carefree attitude associated with road tripping comes entirely from one activity: singing loudly and off keep with the four other people in the car to every song from Frozen’s “Let It Go” to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” Get your playlists ready and make sure to throw a few surprises in with the pop favorites. You’ll never have a better opportunity to convince someone of the greatness that is Wizard Rock.

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