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Breaks, Holidays, and Long Weekends: How to Waste Them

July 19, 2014 in Campus Life, Colleges, Events

Holidays and breaks of any kind are ALWAYS welcome on a college campus. How you spend those breaks though can be some of the most or least memorable moments of your college experience. The fact that, despite a want/need for more, breaks don’t come that often so making them count really does matter a lot. So how do you spend your breaks to make them count so you don’t ruin your chance at some really awesome college memories?

  • Long Weekends

Long weekends like Martin Luther King Jr Day or Memorial Day are pretty much down for whatever. Most students just spend them hanging out with friends or family. MLK Day has a lot more service project options such as community clean ups and things of that nature. However, Memorial Day tends to be a bit more of a party weekend. Despite these being obvious options, I mostly find myself back home with my family (though that happens less and less with each year I’m in college), spending some quality time with friends I don’t get to see that much due to conflicting schedules every other day of the semester, or even a nice relaxing weekend just spending time catching up on lost sleep or homework.

  • Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a bit different. Though it’s only about half of week (for SFA at least), it’s pretty different from a long weekend break. A lot of students, whether they live in residence halls or apartments, will go home for the break so they can spend that time with their families. There are those who choose to or have to stay in town due to home being too far or just not wanting to go home. SFA has an option to stay on campus for that time for a bit of an extra fee. I personally go home to spend time with my family and to generally get out of town so that I don’t get tired of it.

  • Christmas

Christmas break is one of my personal favorites. As opposed to Christmas break in high school, you get an entire month off from class. It’s a good time to get in some extra hours if you have a job, some time with the fam, or even some much need rest after a stressful week of finals. Personally, I stay at my apartment until about the week of Christmas and then head to my home town to spend that time with my family. This year, however, I will going to Austin for New Years with my roommate to celebrate the New Year and my birthday. It’s a nice little change of events, which is needed every now and then so you don’t get bored during break.

  • Spring Break

Spring break is probably the biggest and most talked about break in most colleges. It is the most notorious holiday for college students is almost like a rite of passage for most people. It’s not really a break most people do unless they’re in college, so you might as well live it up while you can. Most people I know seem to plan at least one summer at PCB (Panama City Beach) but honestly that just isn’t my style. The past two spring breaks I’ve spent doing nothing really. The first was spent with my family, but because my sister is in high school, she was in class, and both my parent’s worked, so I was pretty much alone all day during spring break. This past year me and my roommate went out of town on a day trip to a zoo and shopping. Still nothing too adventurous, but this year we have plans for something much bigger.

  • Summer

Summer break is a perfect time for a job or internship. I personally have a job helping my university introduce freshmen and new transfer students into our campus. It’s been amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better job. Though not everyone gets such an awesome opportunity, it is a good time to get some experience under your belt.

Don’t be afraid to go out and get a job or just to sit around the house or whatever you choose to do with your breaks. When it boils down to it, the memories you make are your own and no one else’s. Do what makes you happy and you’ll have the fondest memories to look back on.

Hofstra University: Dress To Kill

July 19, 2014 in Style

Hofstra Fashion

Hofstra Fashion

Hofstra University is located about 45 mintues away from one of the fashion capitals of the world. With over 11,000 registered students so close to a major fashion capital it is safe to say that Hofstra has some of the most unique and best dressed students. Even though each Hofstra student has their own style, they can be categorized into 3 major styles.

1. Sweatpants and Hair tied

We are still all college students who are always running around without enough sleep. As a result of our busy life styles we don’t always feel like getting dressed just to go to class, meet up with a friend, grab something to eat, or attend a meeting. Many students will be caught out in their best sweats anyday of the week, but Fridays and the weekends are the days of the week when no one at all cares about how they look. When I don’t feel like getting dressed I love to wear sweats or yoga pants with a tank and a jean jacket. During my freshman year I was shocked when I saw a girl wearing a Hofstra hoodie at a party. That was still a bit extreme to me, because you can still look cute even when you don’t feel like getting dressed. Just stop by Hofstra’s campus, we’ll show you how to look good without even trying.

2. New York Fashion Week

There are many students who treat everyday as if they are waking down the runway for New York’s Fashion Week. You will not catch these people dead in a pair of sweatpants. They get dressed up to go EVERYWHERE, even if they are just grabbing a bite to eat. I’m talking about the students who wear Michael Kors pajamas to bed. I would say about 30% of the student population gets dressed nicely all 7 days of the week regardless of what they have planned for the day. When I was a freshman I felt pressured to keep up with this 30%, but what does it matter what you are wearing if onlt your roommates are going to see what you are wearing that day?

3. Making A Statement

About 35% of students fall into this category. This category encompasses all of the Greeks, athletes, and those who express their personal politics via their clothing choices. The Greeks are usually always proudly wearing their letters wether it be on a hoodie, jacket, or T-shirt. By the end of your sophomore year you should be able to identify all of the colors of each fraternity and sorority. Athletes only ever wear their athletic gear, because they are in and out of practice so much. You know when someone is a athlete by their blue and white Nike sweat outfit or their Nike bookbag. Some students dress differnt from the trendy styles of New York, but nonetheless represent themselves in the way that they want to.

Like I said before their are many different fashion styles down at the Hofstra U. Come visit us and we can show you a few things.

Concerts and Lectures on Campus

July 18, 2014 in Campus Life, Events

At The College of New Jersey, lecturers and musical groups, among other well-known people, are continuously being brought to campus to promote a happier atmosphere and give everyone a good, fun night for a decent price. Sometimes well-known TV personalities like Nev from Catfish come to speak to students and answer questions. We have regular comedy shows with great comedians, people who’ve been on Saturday Night Live and Mike Birbiglia, who was just in The Fault in Our Stars. Every fall and spring there are concerts on campus; last spring Panic! at the Disco came to TCNJ.

What’s the great thing about these events? Usually they’re free or heavily discounted and you get to see famous men and women it’s highly likely you would never see in person otherwise. College is an awesome opportunity to expand your horizons for less; if it’s free, how could it hurt to hear what someone has to say? It definitely can’t hurt if they’re there to tell jokes for you . . unless those jokes are offensive.

There are a few problems in this, however. Did you notice something that all of the names I dropped up there have in common? They’re all men. Guys, I can’t remember the last big thing I went to at TCNJ that featured a woman that had everyone riled up and excited. We definitely need more diversity in these appearances because I want to learn about business and get insider tips from a woman. I want to laugh at a woman’s jokes. I want one concert where a woman is headlining.

That leads me into my next problem with TCNJ events. The people who decide who or what is going to come to campus are very limited in their view of what they want to happen. In other words, they’ve only going to bring in people they’re interested in, whereas someone else might have an enormous fanbase on campus and they’ll never be invited because none of those super-fans are in the club that makes these activity decisions. You might think that to remedy this, joining the club would be the answer-but what if you don’t have time for it? The past few semesters, my classes clashed with almost every club meeting I wanted to attend. And when I did make it to one for the group who invites the famous to campus, there were so many people in that room I’m sure my voice would never be heard.

Don’t get me wrong: Experiencing the things brought to your campus will be wonderful and you’ll definitely have a great time. Whether you’re learning something practical, laughing your head off, or dancing to great music, you’ll have the opportunity to have a great night out with your friends. It’ll be a story to tell other people you know. Who knows? Maybe someone will be exceptionally jealous of that concert you attended.  Compare with friends who went to other schools and see what celebrities have visited their campus!

This year's spring concert featured Panic! at the Disco.

This year’s spring concert featured Panic! at the Disco.

Lancer Madness: Sports at Longwood University

July 18, 2014 in Alive Campus, Colleges, Events, Sports

The Longwood University Athletic Logos

The Longwood University Athletic Logos

Longwood University is a Division I school that competes in the Big South Conference.  Although we have total of 14 DI sports teams, basketball (specifically men’s) remains the most popular sport at Longwood.

During the fall, many students will come out and watch men’s and women’s soccer.  The field is quite a ways away from main campus, so the turnout is usually greatest for bigger games.  During the late fall, winter, and spring, basketball takes over as the most-watched sport on campus.  At many basketball games, students are given free athletic/spirit gear and also get the chance to participate in fun halftime games and other activities.  Then, after the basketball season is over, students usually will watch tennis matches going to and from classes, and also attend many baseball and softball games.

Also at many of the games, Elwood Lancer, Longwood’s mascot, will stop by for photo ops and also get people out of their chairs and cheering for Longwood.

The Lancer Lunatics

The Lancer Lunatics is an organization affiliated with the Athletic Department, and features some of the most spirited students on campus.  They are in charge of selling spirit wear to students, organizing bus trips, and also hyping up the crowds/student section at various sporting events.

Big Sport Events

The Longwood vs. Liberty Basketball Games:  The Longwood vs. Liberty basketball games (both men and women’s basketball) are the biggest sporting events of the year at Longwood.  The Lancer Lunatics usually arrange a bus trip to this game when it played away, for about 10 dollars per person.  They also include a custom-made shirt with that cost.

  • Big South Tournament:

The Big South Tournament is a great way to finish up the various sports seasons.  Students can spend their spring break at the beach to watch the basketball teams, or they can travel right as school gets out to watch baseball or softball compete in the tournament as well.  By going to these, it is a great way for students to have fun, while also supporting Longwood’s sports teams during exciting tournaments.

  • The G.A.M.E.:

The Greatest Athletic March Ever or The G.A.M.E., takes place during New Lancer Days.  This event includes a walk to the soccer stadium a little over a mile off main campus, where new and old students can receive “the Longwood scarf” and also spend time with their peers.  Once they complete the G.A.M.E., they are able to watch a men’s or women’s soccer game at the field and enjoy some free time before the school year starts.

  • Lancer Madness:

Lancer Madness is our newest sport pep rally event.  This event just started last year, and is sponsored mainly by the Athletic Department, Lancer Lunatics, and the Student Government Association.  The event first kicks off with a carnival outside of Willet Hall (the place where all of our school’s basketball games are played).  After the carnival, it moves inside, where Willet is decorated to the theme of that year’s event.  While inside, the first 500 people get free shirts and also get to participate is games, watch dunk contests, and also see the men and women basketball teams perform for the crowd.  Lancer Madness is the basketball season kick-off event that invites Lancer fans from all over Virginia.

2013 Longwood University “Lancer Madness” Basketball official start

My Experience

Personally, I am a member of the Lancer Lunatics and have a lot of Longwood spirit.  I enjoy going to all sporting events at Longwood and can say that I have been to at least one game for every sport listed below expect cross country.  I think that the sports at Longwood are great!  They have a long way to go, and we as a university know that.  With the Athletic Department making many positive changes, Longwood Athletics are looking up.

Here’s a list of all our sports teams:
  • Baseball
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Men’s Cross Country
  • Women’s Cross Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Men’s Golf
  • Women’s Golf
  • Women’s Lacrosse
  • Men’s Soccer
  • Women’s Soccer
  • Softball
  • Men’s Tennis
  • Women’s Tennis

Unexpected Controversial Event

July 18, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Events

One of the disadvantages of being a commuter is that unless you are part of a club and participate in their club activities, a student will being missing a lot of important events happening around campus. Wheelock does a great job sending out emails and getting commuters to get involved in activities and events on campus, but personally, once I am finished with classes I want to go home and rest. Therefore, there are very few political or controversial events which I am aware off that are happening on campus. For example, last year Wheelock launched a advertisement campaign called “Are you though enough?” that caused a lot of disagreement around campus.

It has gotten better since last year and even though some students still do not like the campaign, the marketing department of Wheelock has done a lot of information sections and events to explain in detail the campaign and answer students’ questions.

Are you tough enough?

Are you tough enough?

Now, let’s focus on what the “Are you though enough?” campaign is about. This campaign was created by the marketing team of Wheelock and their purpose was to make Wheelock college more appealing to male students. Currently, Wheelock’s population is split into 12% males and 88% females; by using this campaign, Wheelock is trying to increase the male population.

The controversy of this campaign is the advertisements being displayed and the phrase “are you tough enough?”. Let me now explain in detail why the display and the phrase is causing the school to split into two sides. Wheelock college is known for their education major and their care for families and children. Some say using the phrase “are you tough enough” as part of advertising Wheelock, is sending out the wrong message to students who want to apply to Wheelock because Wheelock college focuses on improving the lives of children and families. Changing the image of Wheelock from a family oriented and friendly college into a place where you have to be tough enough or you cannot make a difference in the world is disliked by some students.

On the other hand, people say that this will help male students apply to Wheelock because a job in education and social work is tough and not a “womanly job” as some people may consider; promoting an gender equality.

Personally, I feel that yes, the words they used in their campaign are too strong to represent Wheelock as a whole, but their campaign is working. Since last year, I have seem a lot more males around campus which shows the campaign is working and male students are interested in being part of the Wheelock community. 

For students who still either dislike or like the campaign, it is important to know that a lot of advertisements have a negative and a positive side. Besides, recently Wheelock did another event to further explain the campaign and to answer more students’ questions, which I consider wonderful of them because it shows that they care about the feelings and thoughts of their students. 

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