What to Wear at Longwood University & Fun Fashion Tips For Every College Girl

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What do students wear on Longwood University’s campus?

  • L.L. Bean Boots
  • Maxi Skirts
  • Leggings
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Sandals
  • Riding Boots
  • Organization-related T-shirts/Sweatshirts
  • Floral Prints
  • Satchels
  • Accessories
  • Sun Dresses

  • L.L. Bean Boots
  • “Jorts” (jean shorts)
  • Longwood University spirit wear
  • Organization-related T-shirts/sweatshirts
  • Button-up shirts and Polos
  • Khakis Pants
  • Sperry’s
  • Vineyard Vines
  • Croakies
  • Hats
college fashion various among students.

college fashion various among students.

How does Longwood University’s student style vary?

  • Students will wear different things depending weather, affiliation, and current campus events.
  • Students will wear clothes that relate to their respected organizations.
  • On game days, usually students will wear Longwood University spirit wear.
  • Sorority women will wear jumpers about twice a month.
  • Greeks wear letters A LOT.

Additional Style Advice for College Girls

Here are some style tips for every college girl:
  • Floral Prints-  No matter who you are, floral prints will never go out of style.  Floral prints can be found on almost any style of clothing and can be both subtle or over-the-top depending on the occasion or your personality.

  • Headbands-  Forget your typical baseball cap and wear a headband instead.  Rarely seen on campus, this is the perfect accessory for a hippie girl who wants to stand out.  Headbands are perfect because they come in all different shapes and sizes, as well as can be worn in different ways.

  • Maxi Skirts-  Want to look long, lean and super chill?  Then get yourself a maxi skirt.  Maxi skirts are great to pair with a nice crop top, sandal, headband, or sweater.

  • Loose Knitted Sweaters-  These are the best for the boho girl in the fall or winter.  Pair a loose knitted sweater with a pair of leggings and mid-calf boots and you’re good to go.

  • Ked-like Sneakers-  Sneakers like Keds make your legs look long and slim.  They can be worn with skirts, dresses, shorts, and pants if worn right.  Also, they are comfortable and a great investment when you are walking from class to class.

  • Nautical Wear-  There is never a time to not rock a timeless look (especially at Longwood).  Wearing something nautical, like red, white, and blue, a striped shirt, or Sperry shoes, is a great relaxed look that will make you look put-together and fun.

  • Rings-  Rings are subtle and often hidden.  Worn right, they can be the accessory that pulls your outfit together and adds sass.

  • Heart Shaped Sunglasses- This one varies, because if you are super girly, you are probably one of the only people who can get away with wearing some funky sunglasses.  The heart shape will show your girly personality, while also making you stand out amongst the typical Ray Bans and Aviators most college student wear.

  • Combat Boots-  Combat boots can be both edgy and girl.  Most are also durable and will last long because they look great worn and beat up.

  • Cropped Boyfriend Jeans-  Nothing is better than being comfortable while studying and hanging out around campus.  A cropped boyfriend jean will give you that comfort ability while also giving you a great in-style look.

  • Blazers-  Blazers just beam smart.  This is a great piece to double as business and casual depending on how you wear it.  It is also something great to have in your fashion arsenal for job interviews, banquets and formal presentations.

  • Nike Air Max’s-  Seriously, these are the hottest casual-sporty shoes around.  They come in an assortment of colors for the assortment of athletic college girls out there.  Show them off with a nice pair of athletic shorts to match, and no one will be able to stop you on and off the playing field.  At Longwood, you will see many of the athletes wearing these shoes.

  • Clutch-  This is one for a real fashionista, because they don’t carry around just the typical satchel or wristlet, they rock something different and often impractical for most college girls: the clutch.  The clutch is great because it is sophisticated, as well as an accessory that will make you stand out from the crowd.

College fashions for girls to wear on campus.

College fashions for girls to wear on campus.

A Look at CollegeLifestyles.org

July 30, 2014 in Alive Campus, Reviews

The very opening of the page shows me a little bit of the classy side of a college experience website. Although, by saying as it’s quote that it’s a website for “classy co-ed’s,” I’m thinking I may the wrong demographic as a male. But I am a writer and I must investigate what I can find from this website.

There are multiple tabs on the front page some of which include style, campus, career, health, sorority life, and dating. There’s also a product reviews tab, which I found was about toothpaste, shopping, lip scrubs, and other various college must-have’s.

One of the bigger tabs is the sorority life tab; with just about everything a sorority could want to know from around the nation. Tips/tricks are extremely useful, but the amount of knowledge they have on the website is vast. They even interview the campus presidents from some of the big name universities such as Indiana University, Elon University, and West Chester University. On top of that, there are a lot of quick tips for freshman ladies to know about Greek life and what to be prepared for. As someone who comes from a smaller school, it’s good to know that ladies from bigger universities can get those inside tips. At smaller schools, our process runs just a little bit differently, in the sense that there’s way less people. Not to say that we don’t get any people at rush events, it’s the fact that we don’t get quite the numbers that a bigger university would. With tips on effective leadership and other important days for sororities to have, it’s an extremely useful tab to look into.

The one problem I had with the website was the amount of ads. Considering it takes up a lot of the page, it makes the website look cluttered in the wrong way. The home page has some really interesting stuff on it that get meshed into the background and thrown to the side by the ads that stick out more. I do understand the need for sponsorship, but the content is sometimes hard to read when the ads are taking up the page. On top of that, it slows the website down and loading it can be difficult with all the content on the page. The whole website is offset left, which is fine if that’s the style choice, but at the bottom of the page, it looks a little choppy when there’s a big grey square on the left of the page instead of filling the whole webpage up. This could be to account for mobile pages, but it makes computer users have an interesting look on the page.

Those little quips are only minimal critique to what is a very helpful site. There are so many things to learn from a lot of fellow writers looking to make some high-quality content. Even if I am male, there is no real gender problem here, except for some of the stuff that I feel would only benefit females. Write on college lifestyles. Write on.

Should You Commute?

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Commuting Has Its Ups And Downs

Commuting Has Its Ups And Downs

So you’ve settled on a college close to home, but now you’re not sure whether you should commute or live on campus. There are pros and cons to each option.

You should probably commute if:

  • Cost is the most important factor. College is expensive and we all looks for ways to cut costs if we can. If you commute, you won’t have to pay for a meal plan and room & board. Tuition is inflated, and so are the extra costs that you avoid if live at home. Living on campus can run up to $10,000 a year for housing alone!
  • If you know you aren’t ready to leave home. If you know that you aren’t ready to leave home, definitely commute. But you have to make sure that you are 100% positive that you need to stay at home. If there is any doubt whatsoever, you might want to reconsider your choice to commute.
  • You’re really attached to those home-cooked meals. Let’s face it: the dining hall just doesn’t stack up to home-cooked meals. And meal plans are so expensive! Plus, late night pizza is one of the reasons that the freshman 15 exists. Save yourself the costs and the extra pounds by commuting and sticking to nutritious, home-cooked meals.
  • You want to hold on to old friends that are also staying in the area. This should definitely not be the only reason you stay at home. Each person has his or her own path in life, so don’t waste time trying to follow others. But if you know that you want to stay at home, having friends who are also staying in the area isn’t a bad deal.

You should probably live on campus if:

  • You want the full college experience. Living in the dorms, having a roommate, and being independent are all part of the experience. The first year is a time to learn a lot more about yourself and others. You can’t get that kind of experience when you stay home.
  • You want to experience a new city or town. You might live in a lovely town, but it’s time to branch out and enjoy a change of scenery. College is also as good a time as any to see the world and see what life is like in other places.
  • You want to make friends easier. You can make friends in classes and clubs, but some of the closest friends I made in the past year were people who lived in my dorm building. Living together and eating in the dining hall together help to simultaneously forge and strengthen new friendships.
  • You’re not quite sure whether you’re ready to leave home. If you aren’t 100% positive that you’re not ready to leave home, consider living on campus. Going to college is a major step and it’s not uncommon for people to doubt themselves during this transition period. Everyone has doubts, but don’t let those doubts ruin your chance at a new experience.
  • You want a change. If you want to reinvent yourself, you’ll need to go somewhere new and take a couple steps out of your comfort zone. How can you really expect to change yourself if you’re stuck in the same old place, following the same old routine?

Whatever you choose, make the most of it. I highly recommend living on campus, but there are plenty of good reasons to live at home and commute. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

4.0 Ways To Boost Your GPA

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The US college grading system is one of simplicity and consistency; a number scale from 0 to a perfect set of grades coming in at 4.0. So, straight A’s give you a 4.0 GPA in college, and that’s what you should be aiming for. What are some ways to boost your GPA? How can you turn a C into a B or a B into an A? Look no further, your answers lie below.

Do ALL assignments and coursework

The easiest way to push your GPA toward that elusive 4.0 is to simply do all your work. In most classes assignments will make up a huge portion of your final grade, up to 60% in some instances, so getting these done and done to a high standard makes life much easier come finals week.

If you struggle with long papers or wordy essays there are a number of ways you can become more efficient to pump up your coursework grades. Firstly why not try a writing lab? These are free for students to use and a tutor will proof-read your paper and give you useful tips on how to improve.

Also you could try getting together with a group from your class. This will give you a good idea of how everybody else is structuring and planning their papers, as well as giving you tips on good writing devices and techniques. It really is easy to boost your GPA through good coursework, so make sure you give it your full-attention.

LOVE . . . Know Your Professor

To get the highest grades you have to give yourself the chance to perform at your best; this comes by knowing the exact guidelines of all assignments and exams. The only person in the room who knows exactly how to make an A is your professor, so make sure you ask plenty of questions.

Getting to know your professor will give you clear assignment guidelines and expectations

Getting to know your professor will give you clear assignment guidelines and expectations

You don’t need to be their best friend and add them on Facebook for long drawn-out chats about quantum physics or environmental science, but a simple introduction followed by a few questions won’t hurt you. They will give you all the information you need, after all they look better with a class full of A’s than D’s!

If you do manage to make a connection with your professor they may also let you email work ahead of time for them to check and give you advice on. This is a great way of getting a high-grade because you have a distinct advantage over your classmates.


Want higher grades? Study. It really is as simple as that. By knowing the material and prepping for exams you can give yourself the best opportunity to obtain a great grade. There are a number of study tools that the majority of college students find to be beneficial:

1. Flash Cards

Flash cards are a quick and easy way to remember  a lot of information. The idea is that they contain very brief notes and keywords than then spark a whole reel of information already stored in your memory. They can also be a great way to self-test; use one side for the answer and the other side for the related question.

2. Clear Notes

Another good way to study efficiently is by making clear notes in the first place. By doing this you allow your brain to remember the page more clearly when in an exam. This snapshot picture of good, clear notes in your memory will do wonders for your grades come finals week.

The keys to getting that 4.0 GPA are very straight-forward. All you really need to do is prepare well, gather all the information and give yourself the best opportunity to do well.

Hook Up University, I mean Hofstra University

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The Hook Up Culture At Hofstra

Hook Up University is located just 45 minutes away from the Big Apple in the small town of Hempstead. Hook up University is so true its name that Queens rapper Action Bronson has a lyric in his song Alligator about orgies at Hook Up University.

Why would Action Bronson choose Hook up…I mean Hofstra University out of all the schools in New York? Well according to legend, Hofstra has one of the highest STD rates among colleges in America, to the point where a rare strain of herpes called the Hofstra Red has developed.

Many students tend to believe this myth while others like, the University’s health and wellness director, furiously debunk the myth. The student newspaper published an article a few years back about the varying opinions surrounding this vicious rumor. If you ask me its all a bunch mumbo jumbo that a group of students concocted several years back.

If hooking up is what brings you joy in life, you’ll be a very happy camper at Hofstra University. Students look for hook ups everywhere from the club to the Student Center. Most upperclassmen men try to reel in freshmen girls, because they believe that they are young and dumb. So as a young lady it is very important that not get lost in the hook up culture at Hofstra University. Young women must be bold, strong-willed, confident, intelligent, sensible and a careful listener. I would suggest that incoming freshmen, boys and girls alike, should only develop relationships with other freshmen or sophomores. Immature upperclassmen have the capability of being scavengers.

I do not have any friends that are in relationships with other students who also attend Hofstra University. That’s not to say that there aren’t students who have relationships that are blossoming beautifully at Hofstra. I have an acquaintance who dated her boyfriend all 4 years of high school, they decided to attend Hofstra University together and they are still dating. Another couple who I see from time to time met freshmen year of college and have been together ever since. Most people find their significant others via mutual friends, class, events, Student Center, and s clubs.

Casual dating occurs at Hofstra. Casual dating is always the happy medium between hooking up and a relationship. You are somewhat exclusive, but not committed and do not have to deal with the annoying elements that are associated with having a friend with benefits. Most students go to the city, restaurants, shows, Student Center, HofUSA, Dave & Buster’s, and on campus events for dates.

Hofstra University has whatever you are looking for whether it is a committed relationship, a friend with benefits, or casual dating.

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