Latest trends in post-secondary education

September 15, 2014 in Alive Campus

The 21st century has been dubbed the “digital age” because of the monumental achievements in the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) fields. ICT has led to technological inventions and innovations that are actively shaping not only the daily lives of people, but also their perceptions on the value of education in modern societies. Attaining post-secondary education has been a prerequisite to equipping the young adults with skills worth helping them to be both responsible citizens and productive laborers in the globally industrializing economies. This article will seek to discuss some of the latest trends in post-secondary education.

With increasing demand of education among the rapidly increasing population of young people, enrollment of students to post-secondary learning institutions has soared over the last decades. Although learning institutions have tried to ease the congestion in these institutions by having both part-time and full-time students, the number of full-time students is constantly growing. In addition, enrollment among traditional students, those below 25 years old, has been increasing since 1998. Nevertheless, the growth in enrollment differs with respect to the type of institution, and it is highest at less selective institutions like community colleges, private-non research, and Proprietary institutions.

The mode of disseminating education is rapidly evolving too. Post-secondary institutions of learning have adopted the use of e-learning (distance learning through the internet) in order to optimize course enrollments and attract more new students by giving instructions via e-learning applications. Students from all over the world can seek admission into post-secondary institutions of their choices, and pursue their respective courses online. This has greatly helped the older students who tend to prefer pursuing both their careers and education simultaneously.

In conclusion, some of the latest trends in post-secondary education include e-learning and increased enrollment in majority of the post-secondary institutions, yet essay writing still plays major role during the “freshman” years. The need to find the right skills for the radically globalizing labor market has potentiated an increase in the number of student, both older and traditional students, seeking higher education.

Hi, I’m Alejandra and I Attend Hofstra University

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Hi, I'm Alejandra and I attend Hofstra University

Hi, I’m Alejandra and I attend Hofstra University

Alejandra Salardi, is an international student from Lima, Perú whom attends Hofstra University. As a third year student at the University, Salardi has a lot to say about her college experience thus far.

1. Why did you choose to attend Hofstra University?

I chose to attend Hofstra, because I knew a few people from back home who attended Hofstra. They all agreed that it was a really good school for communications. So I applied and they gave me an amazing scholarship so I decided to come here. It was the only school that I applied to in America. I did not even visit the school the school before applying or enrolling. Move-in day freshmen year was the time in my life that I stepped foot on Hofstra University’s campus.

2. You didn’t visit the school prior to deciding to enroll at the University, what was your backup plan if you didn’t like Hofstra? 

I did not have a backup plan. I think I would have just dealt with it unless I really did not like Hofstra, because I was not going back home and transferring to another school would require so much paperwork!

3. What is your major? 

It’s funny I started out as journalism major, because I was scared of what my parents would think if I told them that I wanted to be a film major. So I started out as a journalism major and now I have a double major in film and political science.

4. What do you plan on doing with your film major? 

I hope to one day own my own production business back in  Perú. I want to shoot documentaries.

5. What is one thing you love about Hofstra and one thing you hate about Hofstra? 

There aren’t too many things that I hate about Hofstra. It is really expensive to go here and I would not be happy if I was stilling living on campus. I love my friends at Hofstra. These are some of the best people that I have ever met. I also love how knowledgeable my Professors and how willing they are to help me succeed. I also love how close we are to the city. I love the city because there is always something to do.

6. How are you involved on campus?

I am apart of several clubs on campus.  I am a member of Students For A Greener Hofstra, Buddhism Club, Gay-Striaght Alliance, and the Hofstra Filmmakers Club. I am on the executive board of the club, Hofstra Internationals.

Alejandra Salardi has obviously enjoyed her time so far at Hofstra University!

Things you shouldn’t do as a Black Bear

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You’ve just got accepted to UMaine and don’t want to act like a fool while you’re on campus, here are some tips for you on things to avoid while at the University of Maine.

  • Don’t drink without your friends! – One big thing that new students do is make a fool of themselves while drinking. Granted this will happen even with your friends at time. But, they care about you and have your best interests in mind. Don’t drink alone because no one will be there if you are in need. Make friends go out with them and make sure they are with you.
  • Go to class! – You’re really hurting yourself and wasting money by not going to class. You are paying for the credit hours of the class so why are you skipping? At the end of the day you are just hurting yourself and throwing money away.
  • Don’t walk around with a student ID lanyard around your neck – Instantly many people can see these students from a mile away. You are a freshman if you have it on and there is no denying that. Just easily slip your MaineCard into your pocket or wallet, you don’t need that awful lanyard. College is hard enough to fit in so don’t automatically label yourself as a freshman.
  • Bring warm clothes don’t try to act tough! If you’ve never been in Maine for a winter than you are in for an experience. Too many times during the winter when it is at least 20 degrees or below I have seen students walk around campus in just sweatshirts? Hello! You are going to get frostbite and freeze. I don’t know if people are trying to act tough and look cool but trust me it’s not cool to get a cold and be sick during the week because it is not worth it. Listen to your mother for once and wear your jacket.
  • Don’t date/hookup with you neighbors. If it doesn’t end up working out you will always have the awkward encounter in the hallways of your dorm. If it does work out then great for you, but to lose a close friend and someone that is right next door that you see everyday may not always be the best idea to have a one night stand or a random fling.
  • Don’t wait till the last minute to use all of your dining funds! If you wait all semester to spend dining funds at dining halls then you will spend the final semesters spending hundreds of dollars a day buying pointless items like candy, vitamin waters etc. be smart in planning out your dining fund use.
  • Don’t think you’re getting a parking spot if you’re running late to class! Parking spots go quickly especially for commuter students at UMaine, the majority of the student population. Get to campus well before your class so you can scout out that perfect spot. A nice feature they added is that you can call a number on campus and parking services will help you find a spot.

There you have it, some tips of what not to do as a Black Bear!

Job Hunting

September 12, 2014 in Campus Life, Career

Having a part-time job or student jobs while attending classes can be challenging to balance, but are great opportunities to gain new skills, meet new people, and earn extra money to enjoy throughout the semester.

There are on-campus and off-campus jobs either one will help you if you are in a financial need to pay tuition, buy books, or to have extra spending money. At Wheelock college there are many job opportunities on campus such as the library or the Wheelock Family Theater. When there is a job opportunity the department that are hiring will send a job application and a description of the job through the Wheelock email. Since most jobs on-campus requires a student to have a work study funds,I do not suggest to apply to any job openings on campus if you do not have work study. It would be best to apply for off-campus jobs around campus or in the city of Boston.

On-Campus Jobs

Wheelock Family Theater: There are many job opportunities at the Wheelock Family Theater such as Administration/Box office Clerk where you will sale tickets, be a direct mail support, and provide customer service. If you are interested in this job you can go directly to the Wheelock Family Theater office located in the Wheelock College campus. If you work in the Wheelock Family Theater, you will get to interact with children, adults, and other students who are either attending acting classes or a play performance.

Not everyone likes to work directly with the audience or are not good with customer service, so there are other kind of jobs, behind the scenes jobs, such as a Stage Crew or Technical Theater/Sound/Lighting. Since these are work study jobs it is important to make sure that you have work study funds to apply to the job and the qualifications such as costumer service skills or work experience.

Job Hunting

Job Hunting!


This is an interesting job to have if you like the environment of acting and arts. A lot of students at Wheelock College like drawing, performing, or being a stage crew, so it is a great opportunity to gain new skills in a job you love. (Source:

Off-campus Jobs

Marshall’s/TJ Maxx: If you do not have work study funds or do not like any jobs offer on campus, then working at a retail store such a Marshall’s and Tj Maxx can be a great way to earn extra money. If you have some or a lot of experience with customer service then applying to these kind of jobs can be helpful. These jobs can help you gain skills needed for any future career you choose because it help you increase you customer service skills. If you want to apply to one of these two stores then go to the following link:


AliveCampus: If you love to write and want to share your experiences about college with other college students then this is a great internship for you. Being a Advocate/Writer Intern can be helpful to gain writing skills and be more familiar with WordPress which can a helpful skills for future jobs. I like this internship because it can help me improve my writing skills and at the same time inform other students about the college lessons or experiences I have obtain during college. If you want to apply for a position as a Advocate/Writer Intern go to the following link:

Ring Figure: The best party you will ever attend at the Virginia Military Institute

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Giant Ring

Giant Ring

When I received my topic this week I had no idea what I was going to write about. Crazy dorm life stories at V.M.I? Sure there are some, but they aren’t the type of crazy stories that most people are used to. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, but the military environment is a different world than the one at a civilian college. However, once I got to thinking about it I knew Ring Figure was the ultimate college party story that I had to share.

Ring Figure is the one event that cadets look forward to the most in their four years at the institute…minus graduation. And there are many reasons for this.

One of the reasons is that our ring is probably the biggest college ring in America (or so some people say). It’s like having a huge weight on your finger and it is hard to get used to when you first put it on since it is so heavy. The weight of the biggest ring is a 44 penny weight but you don’t have to get the heaviest if you don’t want to. However, it does look pretty BA. Some people even say that you have to register it in certain states because it is considered a weapon, like brass knuckles, but this is just a myth. The ring itself is definitely a work of art. We design the ring ourselves (the sides of it) based on things that have happened to our class as a whole over the course of almost three years (Ring Figure occurs in the Fall of your Junior year). They have a lot of meaning and symbolism behind them and are more than just a piece of jewelry, but something you earned after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

Another reason is Ring Figure is a whole week of events. Ring Figure takes place a week before Thanksgiving break. Starting on that Thursday night we have a class dinner where everyone in the class gets their combat rings. There are two rings that you get for Ring Figure, one is the combat ring made of stainless steel and the other is a formal ring which is made of gold and the one I described above. They both have the same design but the combat ring has a logo in the center and the formal ring has a stone in the middle.

In addition, Ring Figure is so important to cadets is because there is a formal ball that you attend where your date officially puts the ring on your finger and you finally get to wear it. This occurs on Friday. The anticipation is agonizing because earlier in the day there is a formal presentation from the superintendent where he presents your ring to you. It’s almost like graduation where you go up to the stage and they hand you a diploma but instead it’s a ring. You are given the wooden box with your ring in it but you are not allowed to put it on until that night at the formal ball, when your date puts in on your finger under the giant ring. The cadets wear their best uniform for the ball, which is coatee and the date wears all white. When you first get to the ball, which is hosted in the nicest building we have on campus, you go under a saber arch to enter the building. Once you are inside, you go take a picture with your date for the yearbook. Then they have everyone get in line to go under the giant ring. When you get under the giant ring, your date puts the ring on your right hand and then you kiss your date. It is said that the person you bring to ring figure is the person you will marry, but this is just a myth. After going through the giant ring, you can proceed into the main room where they have a live band and you can dance. It might be a little old-fashioned, but it still is a lot of fun.

The next day, Saturday, consists of a parade in the morning and then a home football game in the afternoon. These are more of a pain than they are fun, but once the football game is over the REAL fun begins. Saturday night is the night of the tent party, the culminating event of Ring Figure and quite possibly the most fun. However, some people might say that the tent party is pretty much the average frat party, but I wouldn’t know. The tent is set up in a hotel parking lot with a DJ and everyone is allowed to wear civilian clothes. Also, it’s very safe because almost everyone is staying at a hotel that is within walking distance of the tent and they have road guards set up so you don’t get run over crossing the street. Otherwise, pretty much everyone pre- games before going to the tent party and then keeps going at the party. It gets crazy…more crazy than you would think but it’s college right? I know I had one of the best nights of my life. I don’t know if I would say that the next day though…if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, I do know that I wouldn’t change my experience for the world and the memories I made that night…however hazy they may be.

VMI Ring

VMI Ring

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