Electives to Take at Wheelock College

October 24, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

There are many classes a person can take at Wheelock college as electives that are fun and also learn something new in the process. During my sophomore and junior year I would take at least one elective because the classes I wanted to take were full by the time I had to register for my classes. Some were a great experience and others were a nightmare. Since I have to take three electives next semester in ordered to graduate, I would list some of the classes I am thinking of taking.



Here is a list of elective classes that I would recommend to students:

Film and Fiction: This class sounds interesting to take if you like to watch movies and reading. In this class, you read a book, analyze it, then look at the movie, or other films and also analyze it. Afterwards compare both the film and novel and see how they relate to each other. This class, like any other class, can be fun to take but it depends on the professor teaching it. Take this class if you want to experience reading novels and watching films together. I plan to take this class as an elective next semester.

The Idea of Witch in History: Personally, I have taken this class before during my freshman year and it was a great and unique experience. I learned a lot about what the concepts of being classified as a witch were such as believing that a witch can do magic and fly. Learned who were the people being accused as witches. Mostly women were seen as witches who can cast spells in the middle of the night at a forest and become sexual active. At the beginning, taking this class was weird and interesting because it was about being who can be a witch, but by the end of the semester, I learned so much that I wouldn’t mind taking it again. I highly recommend others to take this class to experience and learn about a new topic.

The sixties: Just like the title of the class implies, this is about the sixties. If a person wants to learn more about the sixties or love the events that occurred during that time then this is a class to take. This class sounds like a lot fun and wouldn’t mind taking it. I plan to take this class next semester.

Cognition in the Deaf and Blind: I took this class last semester thinking that it would complete one of my requirements and later found out that it didn’t, so I took it as an elective. I do not regret taking this class because I learned a lot of new things that I didn’t know about the deaf and blind. Before taking this class, I knew very little about the cognition in the deaf and blind, but through out the semester I learned that people who are deaf and blind are capable to do everything we can, but with some limitation. At the end of the semester we had to present our research projects and it was so much fun because I talked about technologies that help facilitate the lives of people who are deaf and blind. I highly recommend others to take this class. 

Does your school encourage students to go to athletic games? UMaine does!

October 24, 2014 in Campus Life, Sports

Black Bear Nation App

Black Bear Nation App

One of the hardest things for some sports to fill their stands. Sometimes students don’t go to the games either because of poor performance by the team or it is just at odd times of the day. The University of Maine does a great job at encouraging their students to come to the games. One of the key factors is the Black Bear Nation App.

The Black Bear Nation App is a great tool that allows students and fans to check into every game. The key to this app is using the GPS feature on your phone to determine your location and if you are close enough to the athletic venue. For each game that a student or fan attends they are awarded 100 points. The more points that you accumulate, the closer you get to unlocking rewards. Whether it is a Black Bear Nation T-shirt or a Papa John’s Free Mega Cookie, students and fans will want to come out to games to show their support.

It’s a great tool to give some rewards for the students and fans. A lot of times some universities or schools forget about their loyal fan base that come to each and every game. This is a way that the University of Maine thanks their fans by giving them rewards. Another great event that the University of Maine does, is during home games random fans are selected by checking into the Black Bear Nation app. This gives everyone more incentive to show up to every possible sporting event that the University offers to be selected.

Not only is it just about rewards, it is bragging rights as well. The app features a leader board that gives a list of the top Black Bear fans that use the app and have been to the most games. It’s a nice and friendly competition between your peers and fellow Black Bear fans.

The fact that the University keeps the fans in mind and builds a strong fan relationship with their athletic teams goes along way for the school and the community. Many of the athletic games at the University has a great turn out, which the players really appreciate as it makes the atmosphere of the game even better.

The future of this app will continue to grow as more people get smartphones and the awareness grows because of announcements at games. One nice feature is that it allows you to log into your Facebook account rather than making an entirely new profile. Having this cohesive connectivity between all of your social media accounts is really beneficial and user friendly.

If other schools could take this mindset and encourage fans to go to the games by good promotion either through social media, student e-mail or flyers around campus. The University of Maine takes it up a notch and rewards fans for their support of UMaine athletics. Not too many programs offer this type of deal and as a student everyone should take advantage of this! If you come to UMaine download the Black Bear Nation app now!

Survival Guide to the Virginia Military Institute

October 24, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

Going to a military college is no easy feat. It takes mental toughness, perseverance, and all around stamina to get through this place. It is definitely different than a civilian college, but in the end it’s still a college and has some similarities with regards to surviving. Here are a few tips that might help you if you decide to go to VMI.

1.      Be physically fit before you come and continue to stay in shape while you are here.

 If you are not in top shape before you get here, you will not be able to make it through the ratline and they probably wouldn’t let you attend this school. The ratline is filled with demanding physical challenges every week. You are constantly running up stairs, doing pushups, circuit workouts, runs, etc. You are pushed to your limit physically almost every day.

Additionally, once you are out of the ratline you still have to work-out with your respective military branches and are expected to pass the school’s physical fitness test. Fitness is a major part of the military and if you aren’t prepared for that then you won’t survive and this school is not the place for you.

Physically Fit

Physically Fit

2.      Study, talk to your professors, and get good grades your first year

Studying is very important at any college and it is especially important here. Your first year at VMI as a rat is a very tough and demanding one. You often don’t have the energy to study or you think that shining your shoes and learning your rat bible knowledge is more important, but it really isn’t. You came to VMI to get a college education first and foremost and that is exactly what you need to dedicate your time to. And once you develop good study habits your first year, or hopefully you came here with good study habits, you will then carry them with you the next three years.

Also, talk to your professors. They are there to help you. It is their job. They want to see you succeed and do well in their class. If you are struggling with their class make sure you go and ask for help and they will be more than happy to help you and they will be glad you took the initiative to do so. I know it may be weird to get to know them and ask them for help, but they are dedicated to your success and they like to get to know more about you as well.

Lastly, you need to get good grades your first year. This goes along with studying. If you study and get good grades your first year, it will be easier the next three years. It can be difficult getting a good GPA your first year at VMI as a rat, but if you get a good GPA then you won’t be fighting to bring it up the next three years.



3.      Get involved

Getting involved is important no matter where you go, be it college or a new town you move to. By being involved, you make new friends, you get experience with things you are interested in or hope to pursue later in life, and it gives you something to do besides sit in your room and sleep (which is tempting I know). However, as a rat you really don’t get the opportunity to get involved since the ratline keeps you busy, but once the ratline is over you get to join any club you want!

Get invloved

Get invloved


Overall, these tips are ones to live by at VMI or any college for that matter. They instill good habits in you and are ones to live by. If you follow them, then there is no doubt you will succeed and make it through one of the toughest colleges in the nation. Ra Virginia Mil!

Dating or just mating: BSU inside scoop

October 24, 2014 in Campus Life, Love

In a generation where we make out before we make way for conversation and fancy dates are virtually obsolete, it is no surprise that Bridgewater State University falls into this predictable pattern. When I was still in grade school, I was put under the false (very, very false) impression that I would meet the love of my life in college. We would tell our kids the story of how we met bustling down the bleachers at a football game when suddenly we would collide and just like that it would play out like a movie. I knew this warped sense of reality was hopeless when I was a freshman and I saw a sign outside of some random guys yard next to a slip in slide that read, “Parents, leave your hot daughters here!”

From there it was just a matter of surviving. Every party I attended I saw that all guys wanted to do was drink, and hook up with freshman biddies. You might be looking at your computer screen saying to yourself, “Well DUH Alicia…” But in my defense I was primed to believe that there was room for true romance in college. Now, don’t get me wrong. There are some people who do get into loving, committed real relationships.

But as soon as the honeymoon phase fizzles out, they fight and break up over something as easy as watching your “other half” flirt at a party.

I will say though, these house parties are how many of these misfit couples meet in the first place and interact. The girls are gorgeous, and the men are thirsty. Sooner than you know it, the hookup pattern proves true, and everyone wakes up the next day like, “What the hell happened last night?” If you guys happened to exchange numbers you may have a date at our dining hall the next day, or maybe you’ll get a casual text the following Thursday that reads: What u doin tn? But I wouldn’t exactly call that chivalrous.

Can you blame anyone though…like really. How much romance can you fit into one twin sized bed? Maybe college isn’t the place where you are going to meet your one true love, maybe just your girlfriends. The place where you will make life long friends. So put the fairy tales down people, and pick up a funnel.

A Thought on Internships and Jobs

October 24, 2014 in Career

Internships and Jobs

Well, it’s always the time to find a job/look into an internship around your school’s area. Even if it’s unpaid, that’s still experience that companies are going to see on a resume. This leads the student to be a little more proactive, or manage their time efficiently. The important thing is that we as college students need to build this experience early so that we’re able to pay our bills/loans in the future.

If you’re already looking for a foot hold into the writing jobs, looking into virtual internships. Internships.com has a ton of different writing jobs that you can look into for your specific kind of writing style. From fashion to food to even video games, there’s bound to be openings elsewhere. Whether it’s paid or not (hopefully paid) you’ll be able to get your portfolio built and have some references along the way to tell employers in the future about your work ethic. If you’re near an area with a school newspaper, that’s probably a good start as well. I only say this as someone who is currently interning and writing for a website.

For those who aren’t into writing, you should check out your campus’ career center. There are a ton of opportunities for you to explore whether it be through business, environmental science, or even English tutoring, there’s bound to be something you can do. If there aren’t any available positions that you can take part in, look into getting your resume checked out by the career center. Having an extra set of eyes to catch your mistakes/make the formatting a little more attractive will really improve how a company looks at your previous experience. This is mainly directed at internships or those looking to go into full time work after school.

If you’re currently in school now, take into account that there may not be a lot of time for you to do something substantial as a job. If there are on-campus opportunities, those are best, considering they know you’ll be a student before a worker, so they can work with a busy schedule. Especially if you’re in the theater department and you have most of your day busy. Early morning shifts are a must in that case. I have plenty of friends with on campus jobs that work very well around the scheduling of classes and homework and they seem to manage it well. If you can’t get a work study award/job on campus, look to local businesses around the area. Some will want to hire college employees in order to give you that experience. Others may be a little bit trickier, but in a college town, they’re expecting to have students around the area. It never hurts to apply!

That brings me to my closing argument. Just because you don’t believe you have the proper experience, doesn’t mean you have no experience at all. Take into account what you do as a hobby/participate in club activities. There may not be job experience, but real world management in your clubs is a desirable quality. If you don’t take a shot, you’ll never know. So start applying, even if you get annoyed after the fifth time you’ve entered in your name, address, and work experience all over again.

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