The Don’ts of College

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College is a new experience for many. For a lot, it is the first time being on your own and having the freedom of being able to do what you want without your parents telling you that you can’t do something. However, this new found freedom comes with responsibilities. As a college student, there are a few things that you should NEVER do.

The Don'ts of College

The Don’ts of College

1.      Never be afraid to try something new: When you first get to college, you may be very shy and scared about making new friends and about the new environment in general. It’s okay to feel this way because it is scary, but it is important to remember to try new things, go outside of your comfort zone and get involved. You will make new friends, meet new people, get to know the school, and the area. Do not be the person who sits in their room and doesn’t get involved. It will be miserable and you won’t have any fun in college.

2.     Don’t study all the time: I know this may sound really weird, but it is important to have fun along with studying. However, I’m not saying party all the time either. You need to find a balance between the two. Don’t be a workaholic, but don’t be a partier either. You need to make sure you get your work done, but to also enjoy the party experience of college.

3.     Never get addicted to something: It is easy to get addicted to something in college. College students are constantly stressed and this may lead to trying something that isn’t healthy for you. There are a lot of people who get addicted to dipping, smoking, drinking, and the most common one which is caffeine. I understand that college students need caffeine but it shouldn’t be an unhealthy addiction.

4.     Never stop working out: Once you get into your daily routine it is hard to make sure you are working out. It is extremely important to keep up with this because it releases stress and keeps you in shape. It is also a way to avoid the freshman 15.

5.     Never be afraid to ask someone a question or to hang out: You never know the answer to a question until you ask, and the worst they can say is no. This regards both teachers and possible dates and friends. You should never be afraid to ask your teacher a question, especially if you don’t understand something. Additionally, you should not be afraid to ask that guy or girl sitting in your class to grab coffee or see a movie. You never know if that person may be the one or not. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge.

Overall, college is a time to experience life. It’s a time to meet new friends, try new things, and create or maintain good habits. College is a stepping stone to bigger and better things in your life, but it is still a chapter of your book that needs to be written and I hope it will have some of the best memories of your life.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

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This past year went by so fast that by the time I noticed a year already had passed by and now I an a senior in college. There were a lot of memorable events that happen this past year that I would never forget and keep with me for the rest of my life. There were events, activities, classes and trips that stood out this past year. Here is a list of some of these memorable events that happen this past year:

A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Classes: There were two classes that I would never forget for the rest of my life. The first one is Positive Psychology. Not only was I able to take this class with one of my favorite professors at Wheelock College, but also with one of my good friend in college who took same class with me. We had an amazing experience leaning about positive psychology and sharing fun and unique experience about the class. It is always fun to take the same classes with your friends because it can be a support and motivation to get work done.

The other class was Survey of American Literature. I took this class with another favorite professor at Wheelock College. I read a lot of different books that were not only great, but had a deeper message behind each one.

 I would never forget these two classes for the rest of my life because they had a great impact on my learning and overall thinking.

Trips: Last year, around August, my friends and I decided to do a overnight trip to New York. This trip was a nightmare. Yes, one of the worse trips I have ever taken in my life. Yet, at the same time, remembering the experience, it was funny. It was raining, so there was not a lot of time for exploring the city, then when it stopped raining, we got lost on the same street we initially started walking, and then when we had to go back home we missed our bus, so we had to find an alternative way to get back home, and it was also raining while we were looking for that alternative way back home. This trip will never be forgotten for the rest of my life as the worse trip ever!

Activities/Events: Even though it can be kind of boring for some people, every time I go out to eat with my friends it becomes a unique and wonderful experience. The last time my friends and I went out for dinner, we had so much fun that we forgot that we were supposed to go to the movies next. We talked about high school events which are always fun to remember. Another time we went ice skating, it was the first time I ice skate, so it was a fun experience for me to learn something new. I laugh, fell, and bump into my friends, but we all had a great time and we will be going again this coming winter. 

Halloween Unoriginality: The Classic Costumes You’ll See in College

October 31, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life

Well its that time of the year again. A time where girls and guys alike show off too much of their chest, disappointing their fathers. The time of the year where people get inexplicably drunk in costumes to celebrate dead people. Tricks, treats, and one-night stands. What a time to be alive. With all the debauchery that happens across the globe in celebration, it’s easy to see why college students love this holiday. It’s great to see all the creative costumes that come out of the poor college student’s budget, but to say that everyone brings their A-game to this holiday would be a bold-faced lie. Here are some of the most overused costumes you will see at school.

1. Walk of shame
This is probably one of the most ironic costumes on the list. It’s like the girls who wear this are inviting some unfortunate jokes, as we know how many “mistakes” are made on Halloweekend. I suppose its a good costume, though. It is a very cheap, and easy to do… much like the freshman girls who choose to wear this costume.

2. Lumberjack
Again, very easy. Its a classic. It says “I don’t have a lot of money, or a creative bone in my body, so take me as I am.” And that’s okay. Because you’re going to be spending the night making a variety of “wood” puns.

3. Nurse
Oh, the nurse costume. You will never not see this costume at a college Halloween party. She’s going to be stumbling around giving people “shots.” Her cheeks are going to be rosier than that cross on her hat, but you’ll accept the free shot anyway, and hope she finds her way home safe.

4. Caesar/toga
This is a good costume because guys are subject to objectification female students are usually used to, and its a fun sexual role reversal for one night. (Just kidding, this isn’t one of those blogs). Just toss on a white sheet, put some broccoli behind your ear, dump out that one nipple and you’re Julius Caesar.

5. Police officer
When you’re willing to spend $40 on a costume, and haven’t had an independent thought of your own in the past year, this is the costume for you. You can walk around pretending to arrest people, and its an excuse to wear sunglasses inside at night. Just be careful – there is no image quite as funny as a drunk girl dressed as a police officer being arrested by a police officer.

6. Baseball player/sports player
This is the classic “well I had to work, so I didn’t prepare a costume, but then I got called out so now I’m partaking in the Halloween festivities” costume. If there’s any other reason for dressing us as this, head back to the drawing board.

7. Risky Business
Much like the walk of shame costume, it is very easy (much like the girls that wear this costume. Did I already make that joke?) The only difference between the two costumes is that this one tells onlookers “hey, I watch movies. Or, at least, copied someone who has seen movies.”

8. Nerd
This is definitely an over-used costume. But its a classic, so keep on keeping on, poindexter.

9. Interchangeable animals
Woodland creatures, cats, mice, whatever. It’s all the same. They’re wearing all black, or all white. They’re wearing stockings. Their ass is *almost* out. The only thing that changes is the ears they decided to slap on their heads.

10. Chick magnet
This isn’t that stereotypical of a costume, I suppose. It is, however, such a terrible costume, and since you see it every once in a while, I felt I had to include it. The problem with this costume is with its creators. Its based off a bad pun, so of course you’re kind of doomed from the start. All I think every time I see this costume is “wow, I hope this kid goes home alone tonight”

So there you have it. I hope you have some more original costumes planned for tonight. If not, too bad. If I offended you because you are/were one of these costumes, again, too bad. Happy Halloween!

Funny and Helpful College YouTube Videos

October 31, 2014 in Alive Campus, Campus Life has great videos about college has great videos about college

In the days of technology, there are so many great resources to get ideas and find awesome things about college online.  One really neat source to find videos is YouTube.  YouTube has many videos and video channels that talk about college and college life.  Here are just a few that I have found to be some of the best and some of the most helpful in surviving college.

YouTube Channels:

College Humor has some great videos that make fun of college and college life.  When needing a good laugh, you can always rely on this YouTube channel to take your actual, real life college experiences and spin them into a funny video that you can resonate with. also has a really helpful YouTube channel for college or incoming college students.  There videos ranges from various topics like, “Why Go to College?” and “What to do to Prepare for College?  I found these videos really interesting and helpful, since they come from individual people’s testimonies.

LifeAccordingtoJimmy, is another really fun YouTube channel.  His videos are satirical and funny and they also talk about multiple topics about being in college.  His videos are typically for the male crowd, and are sometimes explicit.  Yet, they are funny and it is one of the most popular YouTube channels amongst college students.

TYT University is another really awesome channel!  It mimics a newsroom and features young college students that make videos on various topics.  Some videos are “Girl’s Guide to Frat Parties!” and “What NOT to Wear to an interview for Girls.”

Awesome Videos:

There is also a great video called, “How to Do Laundry.”  This is probably a shout out to the many college students who go to college without knowing how to do one of the most important things…LAUNDRY.

Another awesome and funny video to check out is “The Freshman 15.”  This is comical Public Service Announcement, which is to warn college freshman about the Freshman 15.   The video has the song “The Freshman,” by The Verve Pipe featured in it.

“How to do A Keg Stand”- Let’s be real, college equals parties.  Therefore, this video proves its importance in teaching incoming (and sometime s already in) college students how to do the infamous keg stand.

Every college student needs s to know how to live on a budget.  Thankfully, a video such as “How to Live on a Budget” is a great way for college students to learn just this.  This video is cute and serious.  It gives really great tips on how to manage money.

Caitlin Bea made a really great video called, “What to Expect at College Parties.” In this YouTube video, she is talking to the camera about what to expect at parties in college, as well as gives her own advice on how to handle the unexpected.

“CollegeTalk #5: 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before College” by katizzzletalks is an informative and opinionated video, in which she talks about what she wishes she knew before college.  I enjoy this video because it is funny and gives some helpful advice to people who might need it.

Experience Boston and the Dating Scene

October 30, 2014 in Colleges, Events, Love

Remember those moments in middle school when holding hands and instant messaging every few days equated to being in a “relationship?” Or in high school when eating lunch together and kissing during sports games meant that you were committed? Here comes college with all its randomness and casual hookups, and we begin to wonder, how serious can dating possibly be during school?

With lively times at parties and unexpected encounters at social events, high expectations of finding love and a “soulmate” shouldn’t be set, at least not freshman year. Instead, living in the moment with friends and having rememberable, no-strings-attached flings will be widely seen.

Speaking for myself and the first-year Emerson community, serious relationships are rarely seen on-campus, especially two months into the school year. Although I have seen my Emerson friends “tie the knot” and commit to each other, the level and the maturity of the relationship depends entirely on the person. Some students are individualistic and simply want to experience Boston while focusing on themselves, while other students are ready for dedication, romance, and emotional attachment.

To accommodate both parties, below is a list of serious and not so serious date-like settings or hangout spots where it’s easy to meet new faces and form countless memories.

The Esplanade

This is the essential meet-up spot on Friday and Saturday nights. The Esplanade, a park and “Adult Playground” located on the Charles River and just a few blocks from Emerson College, is where Emerson, Northeastern, BU, and other surrounding college students meet and greet. They gather together by the dock, which overlooks the river and the city of Cambridge, make a few mistakes, and create memories.

Students and locals soak up the sun and enjoy Boston’s quaint charm on the dock, overlooking the Charles River.

Although this spot doesn’t have to be for informal, laid-back nights. It’s perfect for a first date or romantic encounter: playing Disclosure beats or The Beatles tunes, having a picnic at the park, taking advantage of the playground, or watching boats sail along the sparkling water make for a lovely evening.

The Common and Public Garden

Being positioned directly across from Emerson, these two parks are perfect for not only first dates but group hangouts, social events, guitar jams, or homework/study spots. Some students get takeout from a cafe and have picnics overlooking the duck pond. This can also be a romantic midnight setting of wandering aimlessly through the parks and listening to spooky music (especially during Halloween time).

Late night strolls can be perfect in the garden for spending date nights or time with friends.

Emerson students aren’t the only ones who take advantage of the parks. They’re public and home to all Bostonians, foreigners, and visitors. You never know what’s bound to happen in Boston. The city is a haven for unexpected possibilities, opportunities, and meetings with genuine strangers. Sometimes I sit in the park on warm days, write poetry while eating a burrito from Bolocco, and am approached randomly by people who were admiring my aesthetic or simply asking for directions. Fate is real, and it’s possible in a city like Boston.


Speaking of fate, meeting complete strangers at concerts cannot be prevented. Being a music writer for Emertainment Monthly, I attend shows around Boston at least once a week, constantly meeting people from all over New England, and even outside of the country. Students at Emerson take pride in the expressive arts and communications, thus they’re bound to be part of mosh pits at punk shows, dancing wildly to electronic beats, or peacefully absorbing the sounds of jazz and folk bands at cafes. Either way, meeting new faces and having various conversations are expected.

Students, locals, and music enthusiasts having fun during a Chrome Sparks concert.

From listening to my friend’s experiences, they’ve met 20-something-year-olds at venues like Paradise Rock Club, The Middle East, and The House of Blues. Although most of those encounters ended up being “one night stands” or hookups, great memories were formed, adding to the overall college experience and urban lifestyle. I suppose Carrie Bradshaw was right. “People come into your life and people go. But it’s comforting to know that some are in your heart.”

Experience ALL of Boston

That’s the best advice I can give to incoming college students or visitors. Experience, experience, experience! Walk around outside, talk to strangers (obviously not creepy people lingering in dark alleyways), go to concerts, relax at the park, go for a run at The Esplanade, get a mocha at Thinking Cup Cafe or discover your own eccentric coffee shop, ride the train to Cambridge and other surrounding towns. Personalize the city and make it yours to cherish; four years will zoom by before you know it.

Stepping outside and exploring the city are great ways to meet people and spend beautiful days.

Love won’t always be knocking at your door, but patience is virtue and dating shouldn’t always be taken seriously, especially at a young age. In a city like [Boston], with its infinite possibilities, monogamy has become too much to expect. Well said Bradshaw, well said.

A popular quote from “Sex and the City’s” Carrie Bradshaw — one that most college students live by. מטבח יוקרה מודרני
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