Movies for the College Student

January 31, 2015 in Alive Campus, Reviews

Watching movies is one of my favorite things to do. However, my taste in movies is slightly different from your average college student. I have a thing for older movies starting in the 40s. My dad would always make me watch the older movies because he grew up with them and felt they were more pure and had better acting—which is probably true to some extent. I also have a thing for western movies as well, which are probably not what the average college student watches. But despite this, here are the top movies for college students and why you should watch them if you have not already.

  1. Legally Blonde: This is a classic movie every college student should watch no matter if you are a guy or a girl. The movie is basically about a college sorority girl who decides to go to law school in order to get her boyfriend back who just dumped her. It is a great movie and very funny and entertaining to watch. Who knows, you might be able to relate to her.Legally_blonde
  2. Pitch Perfect: I can almost guarantee every college student has probably already seen this movie and if you haven’t then you are wrong. It is such a funny movie that everyone would enjoy. The movie is about a girl who joins an all-female singing group. The humor is fantastic and the singing is perfection. You’ll be singing the songs with them by the end of the movie and will continue to sing them once the movie is over.pitch perfect
  3. Sydney White: I know this movie is probably cliché and goes with the theme of the other two movies but I think this is a must-see for college students. This movie is about a girl who goes off to college and tries to join the same sorority her mother was in when she was in college. She soon finds out it was not what she had hoped for. It’s a dorky movie but at the same time it is uplifting as white
  4. The Prince and Me: This is another chick flick like the other three but it has a very good story line. This movie is about a focused pre-med student who ends up falling in love with a prince from Denmark. She has to decide if she is going to throw all of her hard work away just to be with him. It really makes you think about the choices that you are faced with in life and making sure to make the best decision for you.the prince and me
  5. An Education: Now this one may not have been seen by as many people as the other four and is slightly different. This movie is about a girl in England who plans to attend Oxford but must decide between blowing her chances at Oxford in order to experience the world with an older man. It’s definitely worth your time to watch and of course it has a lesson in the movie, but it may surprise you in the end. an education

Overall, these movies are definitely worth a college student’s time because they all take place at college and they all have a lesson about life in them as well. They are funny and also somewhat relatable. And in the end, you can never go wrong with a chick flick.

Are You Ready to Graduate?

January 30, 2015 in Alive Campus, Colleges

If you are a freshman, you are still getting used to the environment of college, classes, the freedom, and living in the dorms. The last thought in mind is if you WANT to graduate on time or IF you are going to graduate on time. I know some classmates that since their freshman year they have been planning to graduate a year early and I thought it was impossible at first, but later found out it was possible. Being a first generation student to attend college, I wasn’t aware that in college credits is the method to graduate, not age. If a person has enough credits, usually it ranges from 124 to 134 credits, depending on the college, they can graduate; despite their age or how early they graduate and it can be a year or a semester early. I regret not knowing this information before entering college or even during my freshman year because I might had aim to graduate early, or at least a semester early.

Graduating from college is the start to a new chapter of your life

Graduating from college early! 

Graduating: Despite what you are majoring in, the number of total credits required to graduate is still the same. At Wheelock College it is 134, it varies for each college. Once you know how much credits you need it is easy to plan out how many classes per semester you need to take and summer/winter classes to meet that requirement. To some students graduating early means less money to spend on their tuition and finishing with school sooner, but to others it means that they are not enjoying their full four years in college. Which is understandable, but each person has their own set of goals and mindset.

Summer Classes: One option to accumulate more credits and graduate early is taking summer classes. Let’s just make one point clear, taking summer classes means that the money for the tuition to take those classes are coming out of pocket. Financial aid does not cover the tuition, so unless you have left over scholarships or can pay out of pocket then summer classes are not for you. It can be helpful, if you have the money, but if not, then it is not worth the stress to take summer classes to graduate. Summer classes can be helpful to some because they are short, about two to three weeks, but can be more stressful than a full semester class due to the length of the class.

Winter Classes: Just like summer classes taking classes during the winter time needs to be payed out of pocket or with scholarships. Once again it can be helpful to get more credits, but stressful due to the short time of the class.

There is also the option of taking online classes.

Online classes: Taking online classes can be the easiest class to take because everything is online and some courses are for free. This can be the most economic way to graduating early from college.

If you want to experience four years of college, then go ahead, but if you want to get out of college and graduate early then try taking more classes to increase your total credits. 

Youtube in College

January 30, 2015 in Videos

Youtube Videos

Youtube Videos

So, I don’t watch Youtube videos often, but I found a few from Jenna Marbles, College Humor, and Buzzfeed Videos that I thought were entertaining – Enjoy!

1. If Disney Princes Were Real:

This video is hilarious and it is so accurate! I’ve seen stuff about “If Disney Princesses Were Real,” but I’ve never seen any about princes. I thought the scenarios that they used in this video were interesting and entertaining.

2. If College Freshmen Were Honest on Move in Day:

Once again, so accurate and funny to watch when you’re past the first few months of college. Now when I look back at this I would have to say that most of these are definitely true!

3. 10 Rookie Mistakes Every Freshman Makes:

These are all so true, especially number one about wearing lanyards around campus. Again, watching this when you’re an upperclassmen is more entertaining and accurate now that you can look back and laugh.

4. Day in the Life: A Man Vs. a Woman

I like this video because it is humorous but also brings up issues such as gender inequality and make dominance.

5. Things You think you can get away with but you can’t:

I think this video is pretty funny because some of these scenarios are pretty realistic. Some of these things have probably happened to most of us.

6. Stop Saying “It Ruined My Childhood”

I like this video because it has a sense of humor but also brings up the importance of thinking before you speak and appreciating what you do have. It certainly made me think back and wonder if I have ever mentioned something and then said that it “ruined my childhood” in the same way that these kids do.

7. Things Girls Lie About

Jenna Marbles is awesome and this video is so true!

8. What Girls Do in the Car:

This is probably my favorite video of Jenna Marbles!

My Typical Day in College at Longwood University

January 28, 2015 in Alive Campus, Campus Life, Colleges

A typical day in my life at Longwood University is crazy.  Here’s a look at a day in the life.

I wake up around 8:30 every morning and get ready to go to class.  Then, since I live off campus, I ride the Farmville Area Bus (FAB), which is a shuttle for students to and from the apartment communities to main campus.  Once I get to campus I start my day of classes.  After classes are done for the day, or when I have a break between them, I usually grab a bite to eat and then go to the library to get some work done.  Every day I try to spend every minute of the day being as productive as I can.

After classes are done, I go to work.  I am a desk aide in one of our close-to-campus apartment communities, and so I work a two hour shift every time I go to work.  After work the rest of my evening is filled with meetings and homework.  Depending on the day, I have to go to a bunch of various meetings such as newspaper, Lancer Productions, Ambassadors, W.M.L.U, and many more.  I also have a Thursday night radio show that I host so that changes up my schedule every Thursday.

Being an avid Longwood sports fan and Lancer Lunatic, whenever there is a game, I am there.  Right now we are in basketball season, so at least twice a week you can find me in Willett Gym cheering on the men’s and women’s basketball teams.  You can also find me running errands and going to my friends events as well.  I like to support as many people and organizations as possible, so if someone is having an event, I always try to attend.

At the end of the day, I typically find myself back at the library to finish up work and get ahead.  Like I said, I love to be productive, so once I get one thing done, I jump to the next!  After I am done with all the things I want to get done for that day including meetings, homework, writing articles, blogging, and other hobbies, I ride the FAB back home to where I live.  Once I get there, I clean and organize my room, take a shower, and usually (since i am so tired from the day!) jump into bed and do it all again the next day.

It might sound like a busy, busy day to some people, but for me it is really productive and fun!  I get to spend time with my friends, learn new things, make memories, and gain experiences, from being involved and busy.  I encourage people to get involved, but also know their limits.  I also want to stress the importance of taking time to do the things you like to do, whether that is be involved, blog, play music, cook,  etc.  That way, if you do those things, a busy day, will always be a PRODUCTIVE and HAPPY day!

That's me!  A proud Longwood Lancer!

That’s me! A proud Longwood Lancer!

Top 10 Activities For Florida State University Freshmen

January 28, 2015 in Campus Life, Top 10 Lists

Florida State University is home to over 40,000 students. As you can imagine, the campus is enormous and slightly overwhelming at first glance. However, once you adjust to it, you realize all of the many opportunities it provides to students to stay entertained throughout the semester and break free from the stress of school. Here are a few of the best activities that all freshmen should take advantage of their first year at FSU.

1. Go to the “Flying High” Circus. FSU is one of two colleges in the nation with an on-campus circus, so you will definitely want to mark your calendars and attend a show on a Friday or Saturday night. Students perform a variety of acrobatics that’ll make you cringe in your seat, praying they don’t fall off a beam. Make sure you don’t miss it; they only perform a few times throughout the semester!

2. Watch a movie at the Student Life Cinema. For those of you who love catching up on the latest movies, you’re in luck. Having a movie theater on campus is extremely convenient and calls for an inexpensive date night. This isn’t a miniature theater either; it’s as large as a Regal theater! Not only do you get to experience the whole movie scene seconds away from your dorm, but it’s also free of charge. Movies are played 5 to 6 times a week and are always selected by student committees to suit that of a young, college audience.

3. Eat a burger at Monks. There is no better restaurant that defines Tallahassee as a whole. It’s only about a five-minute drive from campus and provides for a great, laid-back atmosphere on a Friday night. With a variety of food and burgers all priced under 10 dollars, this is definitely a place you should make your go-to when on a budget.

4. Take a Sunday trip to the Rez. This is the perfect pastime on a sunny, Florida day. For just one dollar, students can rent kayaks or paddleboards for up to one hour with a valid student ID. You also have the option of playing some beach volleyball or relaxing on the sand and reading a good book.

5. Bowl a game at Crenshaw Lanes. Not many campuses have a bowling alley located right in the center of their student union. If you have a long break in between classes, why not bowl a game with some friends. It only costs 3 dollars, and that’s including shoes. If you work up an appetite, don’t forget that Chili’s is right next-door.

6. Do homework on Landis Green. This is the heart and center of FSU’s campus. On a sunny day, you will always find students on Landis either walking their dogs, sunbathing on a hammock, doing homework, playing frisbee, sitting on a bench drinking Starbucks- basically anything and everything. It is an open field to simply unwind from the stress of school.

7. Take advantage of the Leach Center. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college is somewhat difficult, but definitely not impossible. Unfortunately, the freshman 15 is all too common. The Leach center, FSU’s main gym, has three floors, including an indoor track, basketball court, volleyball court, and swimming pool. It also offers free workout classes, such as spin, zumba, cardio party, etc., in addition to 4 free personal training sessions per student. Trainers are always available for helping students adjust to their own personal fitness programs.

8. Join an intramural sport. FSU offers a variety of intramural sports for students who want to participate in a non-competitive activity, ranging from soccer, basketball, bowling, flag football, volleyball, etc. If you enjoy staying active but don’t have the time to commit to a travel team sport, then this is the activity for you.

9. Take a day trip to Wakulla Springs. It’s about a 30-minute drive from campus but well worth the trip to make for a fun Saturday afternoon. Relax for a few hours by enjoying a picturesque setting in the beautiful springs. You can also take a boat tour and sightsee for alligators, manatees, and all of the other green surroundings.

10. Attend a football game at Doak Campbell Stadium. I saved the best for last. This is the number one activity that every freshman must partake in. The energy in Doak, home of the FSU Seminoles, is probably like nothing you’ve ever witnessed. Watching Chief Osceola and Renegade plant the spear and singing along to the Marching Chiefs’ war chant is nothing short of a bone-chilling experience. The game will be blazing hot, but the sunburn will be worth it. You certainly won’t want to miss out on this school spirit. But first, make sure to practice your Tomahawk chop and invest in some garnet and gold attire!

Doak Campbell Stadium

Doak Campbell Stadium

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